Residency and Fellowship Room Reservation Procedures

Room reservation request may be through the program coordinator. Reservation requests will be answered in the order in which they are received based on time stamp.

Organizations are allowed to reserve rooms up to three months in advance in order to plan ahead for special speakers, regularly scheduled meetings, etc.

Please provide your program coordinator with the following information about your reservation:

Information Required for Reserving a Room

  • Organizer/Department
  • Responsible Party/Department Head/Chair
  • Group name
  • Event title
  • Description of the event
  • Date of the event (and recurrence)
  • Beginning and ending time of the event
  • Expected number of attendees (HR approval needed for minors)
  • Who to contact in case of emergency
  • Room or area requested
  • Is this a hybrid event (virtual and in-person)?
  • Involves CIS (AV, microphone, computers)?
  • Responsible party for room cleaning (name and email address)
    • This individual assumes responsibility for ensuring that University protocol is followed regarding sanitation/cleaning of the room. This includes but is not limited to wiping down work surfaces and high-touch areas prior to use and after use.
    • View cleaning guidelines
  • Any special requests

Program Directors — In order to ensure that your meeting or event goes as smoothly as possible, please follow the steps below.

Steps for Reserving a Room


Room Policies

Those who reserve a room are expected to occupy the room during the allotted hours. If plans change, please notify your program coordinator who reserved the room as soon as possible.

Use of rooms on campus requires an understanding that users will return the room to an orderly condition. Tables should not be moved from their original position, and chairs should not leave the room. Tables should be wiped clean and all trash should be disposed of in the receptacles located outside of the room. Users should notify the Office of Student Affairs of rooms that are found in a disorderly state.

Note: Changing the configuration of a room requires prior approval