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Family Medicine Residency – Peoria: Call Schedule

The call system is structured to provide a team environment and to make sure there is always adequate support for the residents on call.

Due to ACGME guidelines, we developed a night float call system for our residency. The night float system is designed for our interns to cover one of our two inpatient services (medicine and obstetrics) at night. Each intern will spend one four-week block covering night float during the Family Medicine Service (FMS) rotation as well as covering two four-week blocks on FMS during the day. This is an attempt to maximize exposure to general medicine and to cut back on nights at the hospital as much as possible. Interns will also cover two weeks out of each four-week block during the Maternal Neonatal Pediatric Service (MNPS) rotations (there are two of these rotations leading to a total of four weeks at night while on MNPS). During the intern year, each resident also completes a Pediatric rotation at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center which includes a week of night float. In addition, an intern will cover weekend night call about 10 nights out of the year.

While covering our inpatient medicine service (FMS), interns will admit adult patients while being backed up and supported by an in-house second-year resident. In addition, there is a third-year resident on call at home who will come in as needed. Hours of service for night float are 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday with weekends off.

During MNPS rotations, interns perform vaginal deliveries and are first assist in c-sections with our OB faculty. Interns are supported by an in-house OB/GYN attending and one of our faculty members on call at home. Interns can also rely on the in-house second-year resident and third-year resident on home call if needed. In addition to deliveries, the night float intern is also responsible for the evaluation of outpatients for the obstetricians and family medicine attendings who work with the residency.

Call is typically about once per week (4-5 times per month) during the year. While on call, you are the senior resident covering the Family Medicine Service. Responsibilities include working with the intern on admissions, pediatric admissions, attending all complicated deliveries, providing other assistance as needed by the intern, and code coverage. The third-year resident is available from home if necessary. You are also in contact with the attending physician on call, especially for any admissions.

Obstetrics call for the second-year resident is 5 or 6 times a year and only on the weekends.

Call during your third year is from home, and is usually 3 to 4 times a month. You will help to staff all admissions over the phone, gaining valuable experience in making decisions at home. Occasionally you may need to go into the hospital to help if the residents in-house need assistance. The third-year residents on the Family Medical Service cover the weekends so there are very few weekend calls except when you are on the Family Medical Service.