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Center 4 Health Research

Center 4 Health Research

Partnering with local health organizations to better understand patient needs, identify barriers to care, and implement solutions to elevate the overall health and wellness of our community.

Message from the Founding Director

In establishing this new Center 4 Health Research, we move forward with enthusiasm and a profound sense of purpose. Our collective journey signifies a dedication to advancing knowledge, enhancing healthcare outcomes, and contributing to the broader field of health research. As we set out on this endeavor, the principles of curiosity, collaboration, and innovation will guide us. The dynamic nature of health research requires our combined efforts to shape the future of healthcare.

Sunita Dodani

“I am confident that, through our dedication and interdisciplinary approach, we will make significant strides in comprehending health-related challenges and devising effective solutions.”

Dr. Sunita (Soni) Dodani  |  Center 4 Health Research Founding Director

Our mission extends beyond research to include making a tangible impact on people’s lives.

The significance of our work will result in positive change to individuals and communities. By combining the unique perspectives and expertise of each and every contributor and collaborator, we can amplify the impact of our work. Your dedication and passion are the driving forces behind our shared vision for a healthier and more informed world. Together, we will explore new frontiers, challenge existing paradigms, and contribute valuable insights to the global health community.

We recognize the transformative power of public health investments, consistently surpassing expectations. Initiatives like vaccines, water and sanitation, and food security have demonstrated their potential to uplift populations and foster lasting change. Given the sheer magnitude of our greater Peoria region, it is imperative that we move beyond incremental efforts and deploy our most effective interventions.

Our commitment to our communities propels us to utilize the best available evidence, whether through education, policy change, or clinical care. I extend my gratitude to each member of the institution for being a part of this vital initiative. Here’s to a future marked by groundbreaking discoveries, impactful research, and a lasting legacy in the realm of health.

Sunita (Soni) Dodani, MD, FCPS, MSc, PhD, FAHA

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