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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for the Peoria regional campus articulates our overall direction and the strategies that will allow us to advance our mission. Following focus groups, town halls, and input from stakeholders at all levels, the plan is presented as a guiding document as we develop initiatives and strategies to advance our mission and achieve our vision.

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Strategic Plan

The University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria (UICOMP) recently embarked on a new Strategic Planning Process, completing the plan in 2022 and kicking off implementation in 2023. The Peoria regional campus plan incrementally follows the Strategic Plan, currently underway for the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UI COM).

Here in Peoria, the UICOMP Strategic Plan follows the broad plan of UI COM while encompassing the unique vantage point, including both strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that are indeed unique to the Peoria regional campus, the Peoria healthcare landscape and the greater Peoria area as a whole.

Regional Dean Meenakshy Aiyer led sessions to stimulate strategic thinking and to formulate suggestions, to develop all-inclusive feedback and formulate a strategic plan to guide UICOMP into the next decade.  With this in mind, Peoria’s Regional Dean and executive leadership have taken a broad approach that includes strategic partners and collaborators to assist the College of Medicine in its expansion of medical education, research, care delivery, and public service in the Peoria communities and respective service areas.

View Strategic Plan Initiatives (PDF)

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In the beginning of 2023, UICOMP leadership came together and reached consensus to identify which priorities to focus on for 2023-2024. Through deliberation and thoughtful discussion, four main initiatives were selected to move forward for year one of the plan. Those have been identified in the blue boxes above.

Currently, the respective committees are defining activities, resources, and a timeline to accomplish the tactics set forth for their initiative.

Strategic Planning remains an exciting conversation as we detail the concrete plans moving forward. Engagement is always encouraged.

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