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Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology

Method of ESIR Resident Selection Heading link

Who is considered?

It is our intention to offer an ESIR training experience to our Diagnostic Radiology residents in their PGY5 year. All of our Diagnostic Radiology residents will know of this potential training opportunity, which will be described by the Program Director in a monthly resident meeting at the beginning of their PGY2 year. The goal will be to make the selection of ESIR residents by the middle of their PGY4 year. By this point in their training, each resident will have had at least two IR rotations, one rotation on image-guided biopsy and drainages, and one rotation on noninvasive vascular ultrasound, which are all staffed by IR faculty. We feel after this level of experience, our residents can make a truly informed choice of IR as a career and our faculty will have had ample exposure to our residents to assess their aptitude for IR.

Selection process

The selection of each resident into the ESIR training program will be by a committee of five IR faculty led by the Independent IR/DR Residency Program Director. The committee will take into consideration board scores, research and any previous IR-related scholarly activities in addition to the evaluations of each resident while on IR rotations.

Program size

It is our hope to have up to two of our Diagnostic Radiology residents enter into the ESIR training program. Our DR program is relatively small with six residents per year. Traditionally, over the years, one or two of our residents have elected to take an IR fellowship, and we expect this to continue. If more than two of our DR residents apply for our ESIR program and are felt to be acceptable by our selection committee, we have the volume to support additional ESIR trainees and would petition the ACGME RRC for a temporary increase in complement.

We will have two second-year IR/DR residents in our Independent IR/DR Residency every year. Completing ESIR resident selection by the middle of our resident’s PGY4 year will permit our Independent IR/DR Residency to participate in that year’s NRMP Match to select one or two residents who will obtain their ESIR training at another institution should only one or none of our DR residents elect to enter our ESIR training program.