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Family Medicine News & Views

Social Determinants of Health

The Color of Medicine?

Like many family medicine physicians, one of the reasons I chose my “specialty” was to serve the millions of Americans who feel ignored and abandoned by the medicine field. In medical school, I…

Natalie Krier, MD

Searching for the First Job: A Perspective

Soon our current third-year residents and OB fellows will graduate, and most will start their first job as an attending. As family medicine physicians, we provide comprehensive care for our patients, at any…

Elizabeth Gabel, MD

The Power of Indecision

Let me start this blog with a confession: I can be a very indecisive person. It drives my husband crazy at times. I currently have one of those inspirational posters in my office…

Dr. Fons

Healing a Healer

In my last blog, I discussed my burnout journey. Honestly, I continued to hover in and out of that state even after that posting. I was seeking something more than just a state…

Aaron Costerisan

Another Way to See

For a while now, I have been interested in what the medical humanities can offer us in our practice of medicine. Admittedly, my interest may have as much to do with the fact…

Family Medicine

Everything Changes: Sooner or Later.

There is a great deal of change currently happening in Family Medicine residency programs across the nation. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has determined that updates and changes to the…

Dr Wynn

The Patient’s Voice

Two years ago, while attending the annual Association of Departments of Family Medicine meeting, I attended a session on patient engagement and advocacy in healthcare. I was moved by the stories and information…

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