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Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials from Previous Fellows Heading link

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“Wonderful team, faculty, and staff. Supportive of each fellow’s individual goal.”

Dr. Nathan Bates  |  Program Alumni (Class of 2020-2021)
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“There is an abundance of opportunities at OSF Healthcare-UICOMP for HPM fellows.  The fellowship provides extensive training in all aspects of HPM. Dr Irshad is a very knowledgeable and caring program director and physician.  Dr. Deters is a passionate and brilliant hospice care physician.  You are sure to find a quality educational and growth experience at OSF Healthcare-UICOMP.”

Dr. Irene Carr  |  Program Alumni (Class of 2018-2019)
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“If you’re looking for a comprehensive and supportive fellowship program in hospice and palliative care, look no further than this program. As a recent graduate, I can attest to the exceptional training and mentorship provided by the faculty and staff.

Throughout my fellowship, I was given ample opportunities to develop my clinical skills and knowledge, while also receiving guidance and feedback from experienced practitioners. The program’s interdisciplinary approach allowed me to collaborate with professionals from a variety of backgrounds, which enhanced my understanding of the field and prepared me for a successful career.

In addition to the excellent training, I appreciated the program’s emphasis on self-care and wellness. The faculty and staff were dedicated to supporting our emotional and mental well-being, which made for a positive and fulfilling learning experience.

Overall, I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a top-notch fellowship in hospice and palliative care. The supportive environment, comprehensive training, and emphasis on self-care make it an exceptional choice for any aspiring practitioner.”

Dr. Naji Alhasnawi  |  Program Alumni (Class of 2022)