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Welcome to the website for the UICOM Registrar at the Peoria campus.

Student Records and Course Registration Heading link

Students can find their complete medical school record in Box.

The UICOMP Peoria site registrar will register all students for courses in all terms. Students should check their registration a few times in each term through the MyUIC portal. Students interested in checking their grades may do so through the MyUIC portal.

Note: Registration cannot occur if there is a hold on your record, so please be sure to check the portal for any holds and have them cleared in order to avoid late registration fees. UICOM’s terms are slightly different than UIC terms, however, the UIC registration calendar is used for registration timelines. UICOM term dates can be found on the block calendars:

Student Support & Schedule Change Requests Heading link

Student Support

The Peoria site registrar can provide letters of good standing for current students, postponement of jury duty, medical school enrollment certifications, ID certifications for USMLE, deferment forms, military/veteran form completion, ordering proof of liability insurance for rotations outside of UICOMP, etc. Email your request to

Phase 2 and Phase 3 Schedule Change Requests

Phase 2 students should reach out to their assigned Academic Advisor regarding schedule change requests. Phase 3 students should reach out to the department coordinators and cc

Financial Matters and Tuition Heading link

Chicago/Rockford Campus Students & Potential Visiting Students Heading link

Current UI COM Students on Chicago or Rockford Campus

Inquiries for rotations on the Peoria campus can be made to

Other inquiries can be made to

Potential Visiting Students

UICOMP utilizes the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO).

If your school requires an affiliation agreement, please contact

Past Students Heading link

If you are a former student applying for a fellowship through ERAS/MIDUS, please use in the ERAS/MIDUS system. The system will generate an email to the registrar’s office, and we will upload your ERAS transcript (this system does not require an official transcript) and your MSPE. Please allow up to five working days for the upload.

Need Official Transcript? Visit UIC Registrar Page

Contact Heading link