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Synthesis links the week-long intersessions between each block course, together with the longer, summative period of Block 8, to form a course focusing on the cumulative nature of students’ learning and the longitudinal trajectory of their professional development. In each of these course segments, students will have an interval where they are not continually responsible for “new” material but can reflect on their learning to date, consolidate and integrate their knowledge, and plan their approach to learning going forward. Class sessions will focus on cases that illustrate the interdependence of the organ systems studied to date and the management of complex, multi-system disease. The Professional Development Theme will be prominent in this course, with mentored small-group sessions addressing issues in professional identity formation, wellness and resilience, career discernment, and preparation for residency.

(Longitudinal: 12 Credits)

Course Directors Heading link

  • David Pinson, DVM, PhD (Pathology)
  • Thembi Conner Garcia MD, MPH (Pediatric Internal Medicine)