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Early Longitudinal Immersion (ELI²TE)

The Early Longitudinal Immersion Interprofessional Team Experience (ELI2TE) provides medical students an early and comprehensive exposure to team-based, patient-centered care in a primary care setting.

This longitudinal clinical experience, unique to the Peoria campus, embeds students into a healthcare team during their first two years of medical school to better prepare them for the rigors of medicine and to increase their exposure to ambulatory care.

At the beginning of the first year, students are assigned to a primary care clinical practice within a 50-mile radius of Peoria. Primary care sites include Internal Medicine, Medicine/Pediatrics, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine.

The goal of the program is to build clinical skills while focusing on improving care delivery and participating in an interprofessional team. Students participate in the entire clinic experience from rooming patients to performing a focused history and physical examination. During the course of the immersion, students work with the entire healthcare team, including the receptionist, phlebotomist, billing staff, nurse/medical assistant, advanced practice nurse, and the physician. Students are evaluated on their participation, professionalism and clinical skills by the preceptors and receive evaluations from the healthcare team. Ongoing evaluation and assessment of the program occurs throughout the academic year by UICOMP faculty who will meet with students and clinical preceptors.

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