Life as a Resident

Life as a Resident

Our program thrives thanks to one unique factor: our people. From our faculty to our residents, we are a close-knit group that views ourselves as a family. That includes significant others and children, too. We’re better as a team, and we help one another grow. From shared inside jokes to career-defining moments, we live this experience together.

Chad Murphy

The experience here is so comprehensive. When I pictured being a family doctor, I imagined doing ‘everything’ – and here, you do everything.

— Chad Murphy, M.D.

Whitney Mack

This is an incredible place to do a family medicine residency! Our people are the BEST (a cliché, but true) and my training has been individualized to my future goals (full-spectrum family medicine with OB!). I enjoy going to work every day.

— Whitney Mack, D.O.

Melanie Andrews

I chose this program because it not only exceeded my educational goals, but during my interview I felt as if I were at home, laughing with the faculty and residents. I did not find quite the same thing anywhere else.

— Melanie Andrews, M.D.


Connect with Us

It’s not all work. The program that plays together stays together. Get a glimpse into residency life through the UICOMP Family Medicine Residency Facebook, Instagram and blog. This program forges friendships and connections that go beyond working hours and includes partners, spouses and families.

Quality of Life

Cost of Living & Quality of Life

Peoria and its surrounding communities have been nationally celebrated for quality of life. That high standard paired with low cost of living makes Peoria a great place to call home. UICOMP’s competitive salary goes further without forcing residents to choose between comfort or financial security. Whether tackling student loans or saving for the future, the Family Medicine program can help residents reach their financial goals.

Discover Peoria

Discover Peoria

Peoria is an area on the rise, consistently ranked for the job opportunities, fun activities and attractions, affordability and other amenities it offers. Find out why residents and businesses alike love their place in this river city.