Department of Family and Community Medicine

Rural Student Physician Program


Synchronous Reconstruction of the Esophagus and Trachea with the Use of the Strap Muscles in a Gunshot Wound Patient

Anna Bailey, Victor A. King, AranYoo, Michael Atwell, Dr. Richard Anderson, and Dr. Charalambos K. Rammos

Heart Failure Transitional Care Service Slashes 30-Day Readmission and Mortality Rates: A Single Center Experience (HF-TCS Study)

Lochan Bellamkonda, Mohammad Ehsan, Mansoor Ahmad, Jay N. Patel, MD, Deidra Lewandowski, CNP, Chetan Bhardwaj, MD, Kenneth Berkovitz, MD, Barry Clemson, MD

A Comparison Of Chronic Pain In The Elderly Of Henry And Stark Counties, IL

Dennison, J. M3, Satkauskas, R. M.D., Griebel, C. M.D., Shevatekar, G. MBBS, MPH.

Factors Affecting Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetic Adults in Jefferson County, IL

Nathan DeVenney, MS-3, Huaping Wang, Ph.D., James Barnett, MD

Role Of Toll Like Receptor Signaling In Alzheimer’s Disease

Brian Didier, Junling Yang, Glenn Jablon and Ken-Ichiro Fukuchi

Diamine Oxidase Deficiency as a Proposed Mechanism for Anaphylaxis after the Third Stage of Labor

Naomi M Whittaker MD, Catherine Jimenez BS, Teresa Asam-Jensen MD, Dianne Dunniway DNP, Jillian Stalling MD

Order Of St. Francis Western Region Neurosurgery

Jonathan Jou, Sujit Bhimireddy, MD, Susan Peterson, MS, RN, Patrick Tracy, MD, Patrick Elwood, MD

Exportable Endoscopy/Laparoscopy Model for Total Procedure Simulation

Jonathan Jou, Brent Cross, Erik Anderson, Dr. John Vozenilek

Analysis of Geriatric Longevity in Rural Northwest Illinois

Paulo Michelini M3 and Remigijus Satkauskas, MD


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