What Graduates Say

I came to this program because of Dr. Na’Allah. She is such a wonderful advocate for her patients and for her community that I was inspired and wanted to learn from her. I can truly say that I have learned more from her than I thought possible. She has mentored and mothered me throughout the whole year – even being my own doctor! There are excellent opportunities for surgical obstetrics and advanced women’s health procedures so that you can get excellent training and feel very confident going into independent practice!

Anna Grady, MD
Class of 2018
UICOMP Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship

Dr. Na’Allah thoughtfully refines this fellowship to maximize our learning opportunities in consideration of our future goals and it fully delivered on all my expectations. My surgical skills have been honed through more cases than promised, my obstetrical and women’s health knowledge is evidence-based and current, and my transition to an attending was met with an ideal blend of autonomy and support. The personal investment in my professional development by the entire community of Peoria far exceeded my expectations. As a result, I am graduating from this fellowship with the ability to provide safe and appropriate full spectrum care for patients and their families and the gift of lifelong support from similarly minded mentors.

Whitney Mack, DO
Class of 2018
UICOMP Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship

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