To prepare family medicine physicians to meet the gaps in maternity care, through training in full spectrum obstetric care and women’s health and through development of future faculty leaders.

Goals and Objectives

  • To train qualified family physicians to provide highly skilled competent and safe obstetrical care from beginning of pregnancy and beyond
  • To acquire the skills necessary to recognize and manage potential obstetrical emergencies in the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum period
  • To gain competence in providing prenatal care, including high risk pregnancies and obstetric ultrasound
  • To become comfortable managing common gynecological disorders and perform procedures including, but not limited to, colposcopies, LEEPs, contraceptive devices, endometrial biopsies, D&Cs and tubal ligations
  • To understand and teach family centered maternity care to medical students and residents through a built-in faculty development curriculum
  • To understand the fundamentals of safety in maternity care according to the AAFP ALSO recommendations
  • To increase knowledge and skills in neonatal care and resuscitation
  • To contribute to the community of Family Medicine OB providers and UICOMP through disseminating evidence-based practices and original research
  • To maintain skills and practice of full spectrum Family Medicine

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