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Faculty Development Teaching Resources

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Our comprehensive collection of teaching resource modules explore a diverse range of innovative materials to enhance your pedagogical approach, foster student engagement, and elevate the quality of medical education.

Clinical Teaching Heading link

Clinical teaching resources are essential for shaping healthcare professionals. They include diverse teaching methods, fostering hands-on experiences, and creating a positive learning climate. Effective preparation, technology integration, and assessment tools contribute to a transformative educational environment, preparing students for clinical practice.

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Curriculum Development Heading link

Medical faculty curriculum development is a strategic process shaping education for future healthcare professionals. It involves designing programs aligned with evolving healthcare needs, integrating research, and embracing innovative teaching methods. This ensures students are prepared to navigate complex healthcare landscapes.

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Small Group Instructions Heading link

In small group instruction, medical faculty fosters collaborative learning environments. Facilitating interactive discussions, addressing questions, and providing feedback, they enhance understanding of complex concepts. This format promotes active participation, critical thinking, and teamwork skills crucial for medical students’ development.

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