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Student Interest Groups

Student Interest Groups

Medical students at UICOMP have a wide range of interests and passions. This is reflected in the large variety of active student interest groups. Student Interest Groups (SIGs) allow students to plan programs and events to further their common interests in different medical specialties, service & advocacy programs, social & recreational activities, and cultural & spiritual topics.

How to Register a Student Interest Group Heading link

community garden

The annual Student Interest Group registration period begins each year in May and concludes in early August. At UICOMP, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and the Peoria Medical Student Council are responsible for approving the registrations of Student Interest Groups at the first meeting of the Academic Year which is held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Review and recommendations of annual funding for SIGs occurs at the Budget Advisory Committee on the third Wednesday in August, and is ratified by the Peoria Medical Student Council shortly thereafter.

Funding derives from Student fees. Expenditures must conform to college and university regulations, as detailed in the Spending Guidelines for Students. Additional funding requests can be made by filling out a funding proposal form and submitting it to the Budget Advisory Council (BAC). The BAC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

For more information about Student Interest Groups, contact the UICOMP Student Affairs Office, 309-671-8411.

List of Student Organizations Heading link

Medical students at UICOMP have a wide range of interests and passions. This is reflected in our large variety of active student organizations.

Anesthesiology Interest Group

  • President: Manuel Cintron
  • Vice President: Christopher Kopan
  • Career Outreach Chair: Samuel Chang
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Adair

Description: To introduce students to the field of anesthesia, and expand awareness of anesthesiology as a potential career option. To promote connections between students and faculty through academic opportunities and clinical work.

Cardiology SIG

  • President: Gavin Baumgart
  • Co-President: Kevin Kim
  • Vice President: Anup Patel
  • Treasurer: Mary Bass
  • Career Outreach Chair: Kajal Patel
  • Faculty Advisor: Matthew Bramlet

Description: For students to learn about adult and pediatric cardiology.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • President: Arshia Ghodrati
  • Treasurer: Aneil Saini
  • Career Outreach Chair: Julia Bendorf
  • Faculty Advisor: Harma Trubendian

Description: To provide a dynamic learning environment for medical students interested in the field of cardiothoracic surgery. Through a combination of educational events, hands-on workshops, guest lectures, and collaborative research opportunities, we aim to provide members with valuable insights, skills, and networking opportunities to explore and excel in this specialized discipline.

Dermatology Interest Group

  • President: Fiona Gruzmark
  • Co-President: Andie Kwon
  • Treasurer: Allison Bai
  • Career Outreach Chair: Arshia Ghodrati
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joshua Kentosh

Description: Providing guidance and resources to students interested in pursuing a career in Dermatology.

Dermatology of Color

  • President: Nene Sy; Di’Reon Lowry
  • Vice President: Rahwa Hailemichael
  • Career Outreach Chair: Ashley Kemembin; Anna Chaidez
  • Faculty Advisor: Pending Dr. Kentosh

Description: Our goal is to focus on getting underrepresented minorities matriculated into dermatology residency and providing them with the tips and resources necessary for their success. Within our campus community, we intend to pursue diversity within the Dermatology curriculum by advocating for increased visual presentation of various pathologies on varying skin tones. Additionally, our community goals are to connect with the under-resourced areas of Peoria to educate about skin health and skin cancer prevention.

Diagnostic Radiology

  • President: Ryan Dillard
  • Vice President: Daniel Henley
  • Treasurer: Faisal Al-Qawasmi
  • Career Outreach Chair: Nida Alam
  • Additional Officers: Ameena Patel (Co-President)
  • Faculty Advisor: Jane Maksimovic, DO

Description: The Diagnostic Radiology Student Interest Group (DRSIG) is a dynamic community of enthusiastic medical students devoted to the fascinating realm of diagnostic radiology. Our mission is to create a stimulating platform where students can delve into the world of medical imaging, hone their skills through interactive learning experiences, and gain insights from accomplished professionals in the field. DRSIG aims to foster a collaborative environment, encouraging knowledge-sharing and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies and advancements in diagnostic radiology. Through workshops, case discussions, and seminars, we strive to deepen our understanding of the crucial role diagnostic radiology plays in clinical decision-making and patient care. Together, we seek to ignite a passion for diagnostic radiology among aspiring radiologists, while promoting its significance in shaping the future of modern medicine.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

  • President: Taylor Crowell
  • Vice President: Michael Neff
  • Treasurer: Rodney Quansah
  • Career Outreach Chair: Michael Neff
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Fischer

Description: To provide medical students interested in Emergency Medicine the opportunity to explore topics and skills required and to connect with those in the field.


  • President: Olivia Guntin
  • Vice President: Claudia LaSalle
  • Treasurer: Chris Juarez
  • Career Outreach Chair: Grace Tu
  • Additional Officers: Cecilia Canizela (Secretary)
  • Faculty Advisor: Shannon Egli

Description: To create a community that fosters skills and networking for medical students interested in ENT.

Family Medicine Interest Group

  • President: Andrea Ohk
  • Vice President: Demi Castellanos
  • Treasurer: Alejandra Pineda
  • Faculty Advisor: Sonia Ramirez

Description: To educate students on family medicine as a specialty and provide the opportunity to network with family medicine physicians, residency programs, and other students interested in FM. Encourage students to explore career opportunities within the scope of FM and learn about important topics related to the specialty.

Gastroenterology SIG

  • President: Aneal Dayal
  • Vice President: Max Spiro
  • Treasurer: Martin Jastrzebski
  • Career Outreach Chair: Max Spiro
  • Additional Officers: Cecilia Canizela
  • Faculty Advisor: Harishankar Gopakumar

Description: Help introduce students to the profession of Gastroenterology connecting attendings and residents with medical students.

Hematology-Oncology Interest Group

  • President: Gavin Baumgart
  • Treasurer: Kacy Bradford
  • Career Outreach Chair: Mary Bass
  • Additional Officers: Anjani Maley (Secretary), Lexi Reinders (Social Chair)
  • Faculty Advisor: Jenna Regan

Description: For students to learn about adult and pediatric hematology-oncology.

Hospice and Palliative Medicine

  • President: Carmen Calhoun
  • Vice President: Carlos Font
  • Treasurer: Grace Ryan
  • Career Outreach Chair: Melissa Kim
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sushma Shivananda

Description: To provide information, guidance, and network opportunities related to hospice and palliative medicine.

Infectious Disease

  • President: Mary Bass
  • Vice President: Ishita Bhattacharya
  • Treasurer: Abigail Schulz
  • Career Outreach Chair: Jay Srinivas
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Farrell

Description: To have students who are interested in infectious diseases explore what the specialty has to offer.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

  • President: Harveen Kaur
  • Vice President: Nick Xie
  • Treasurer: Kevin Kim
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Peter Phan

Description: To promote communication among medical students and internal medicine faculty and to promote events to learn about careers in internal medicine.

Interventional Radiology

  • President: Daniel Henley
  • Vice President: Faisal Al-Qawasmi
  • Treasurer: Ryan Dillard
  • Career Outreach Chair: Nida Alum
  • Faculty Advisor: Jane Maksimovic DO

Description: The Interventional Radiology Student Interest Group (IRSIG) is a dedicated community of aspiring medical students passionate about interventional radiology. Our mission is to foster a vibrant learning environment where students can explore the diverse facets of interventional radiology, expand their knowledge through interactive sessions, workshops, and guest lectures, and engage in hands-on experiences. IRSIG aims to cultivate a sense of camaraderie among its members, encouraging collaboration and networking opportunities with seasoned professionals and like-minded peers. By promoting awareness and understanding of interventional radiology’s pivotal role in minimally invasive procedures, we aspire to inspire the next generation of radiologists to advance medical innovation and enhance patient outcomes.

Med-Peds SIG

  • President: Liana Chidichimo
  • Vice President: Lamisha Tabriz
  • Treasurer: Yoonje Cho
  • Career Outreach Chair: Melissa Kim
  • Additional Officers: Fatima Nizamuddin (Secretary)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Mischler

Description: To connect medical students interested in applying to Med-Peds residency programs.

Microsurgery SIG

  • President: Olivia Guntin
  • Vice President: Julia Bendorf
  • Treasurer: Cecilia Canizela
  • Career Outreach Chair: Grace Tu
  • Faculty Advisor: Shannon Egli

Description: To help cultivate microsurgery skills through a 4-week course at JUMP over Zoom with Chicago. We will also have a day that people can come in after they have taken the 4-week course to practice and hone their skills. Potentially, there will be a surgical seminar course this fall that will focus on case studies.

Neurology Student Interest Group

  • President: Rubí Rodriguez Bobadilla
  • Vice President: Grant Williams
  • Treasurer: Mitchell Haddock
  • Career Outreach Chair: Cecilia Canizela
  • Additional Officers: Navid Shoaee (Secretary), Matthew Hill (Co-Career Outreach Chair)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jorge Kattah

Description: To allow medical students to learn about Neurology as a specialty, interact with professionals in the field, and raise awareness for neurological conditions.

Neurosurgery SIG

  • President: Sonia Pulido
  • Vice President: Anup Patel
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andres Maldonado

Description: The goal of this group is to unite students with an interest in neurosurgery and to provide a greater understanding of what a career in neurosurgery entails. Specifically, we will explore different neurosurgical subspecialties, share ways on how to build a competitive resume, and learn about resident/attending lifestyles in addition to sharing neurosurgery-related opportunities and hosting suturing/neuroanatomy workshops.


  • President: Ajoke Iromini
  • Vice President: Allie Sidwell
  • Treasurer: Catherine Leahy
  • Career Outreach Chair: Morgan Samanic
  • Additional Officers: Kushi Gowda (2026 class Rep)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charkavarthy

Description: To further student interest and passion to pursue a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology!

Ophthalmology Interest Group

  • President: Cecilia Canizela
  • Vice President: Grace Tu
  • Treasurer: Ben Mendez
  • Career Outreach Chair: Rhonda Lee
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kamal Kishore

Description: The purpose of the Ophthalmology Interest Group is to expand interest in the specialty at the Peoria campus, help students learn more about ophthalmology, and to facilitate networking with physicians. We hope to engage the Peoria community to improve eye health.

Orthopaedic Surgery Specialty Group

  • President: Abdullah Arif
  • Treasurer: Eric Hu
  • Career Outreach Chair: Mariam Banoub
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Kinzinger

Description: This organization is meant to connect students at UICOMP, across the four years of medical school, who all share an interest in orthopedic surgery.

Pathology Student Interest Group

  • President: Samantha Wahlers
  • Vice President: Kara Proctor
  • Treasurer: Ayana Blair
  • Career Outreach Chair: Devon Negron
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sherri Yong

Description: The goal of this interest group is to provide a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of pathology. This SIG will shed light on the various subspecialties of pathology, work settings (yes, some pathologists do see patients!), and expansive career opportunities. Further, have you ever wondered how a biopsy makes its way from inside a patient to under a microscope? This group will help bridge the gap between histology and pathology, as it takes students on a cell’s journey from the O.R. to those pretty images students spend years studying. Finally, the Pathology SIG seeks to demonstrate how a pathologist is a critical team member in any specialty, provide resources for students to engage with the field, and increase the number of students considering pathology as their career.

Pediatrics SIG

  • President: Anjani Maley
  • Vice President: Kylee Andrews
  • Treasurer: Ishita Bhattacharya
  • Faculty Advisor: Moeenuddin

Description: To educate and provide speciality-specific opportunities for students interested in Pediatrics.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)

  • President: Zain Sattar
  • Vice President: Kola Sangokoya
  • Treasurer: Sonia Ramirez
  • Career Outreach Chair: Kola Sangokoya
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Savitha Reddy

Description: To foster a learning environment for medical students interested in pursuing PM&R and facilitate involvement in PM&R-related opportunities, in addition to informing others about the field.

Psychiatry SIG

  • President: Melissa Kim
  • Vice President: Bhavana Muppavarapu
  • Treasurer: Carmen Calhoun
  • Career Outreach Chair: David Iverson
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ryan Finkenbine

Description: Gives UICOMP students better (early) exposure to Psychiatry. Creates stronger and more consistent connections between the UICOMP students and the UICOMP Psychiatry Residency (including both residents and faculty). Provides UICOMP students with resources in terms of career guidance and networking opportunities in order to allow them to match as well as possible.

Pulmonology SIG

  • President: Matthew Crimmins
  • Treasurer: Kedrick Shin
  • Career Outreach Chair: Pranesh Ravichandran
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anamika Sengupta

Description: To provide a platform for community initiatives to improve lung health in the Peoria community. The Pulmonology SIG aspires to garner more interest in the field of pulmonology while collaborating with community groups to address pulmonary diseases, such as COPD, asthma, and lung cancer in Peoria.

Rural Medicine

  • President: Adee Athiyaman
  • Vice President: Morgan Powers
  • Treasurer: Michael Neff
  • Faculty Advisor: James Barnett

Description: To form a community of students interested in rural medicine.


  • President: Eli Adams
  • Vice President: Ruidi Xu
  • Treasurer: Matthew Grammer
  • Career Outreach Chair: Kolawole Sangokoya
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Anderson

Description: To increase interest and exploration of surgery and the surgical subspecialties.

Surgical and Procedural Simulation (PREP)

  • President: Christopher Juarez
  • Vice President: Daniel Henley
  • Treasurer: Max Spiro (also the Simulation Leader)
  • Career Outreach Chair: Bret Olson
  • Faculty Advisor: Shannon Egli

Description: To prepare and train students in procedural and surgical skills. We want to expose students to a broader variety of the clinical setting that exists outside of practicing medicine. We utilize Jump’s VR surgical lab and anatomy lab where various specialties can come in to practice surgical techniques.

Adaptive Climbing

  • President: Mohamed Gaballah
  • Vice President: Toma Tchernodrinski
  • Treasurer: Conner Driver
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael LaFontaine

Description: A volunteer organization that creates a space and fosters a community for climbers with disabilities.


Admission Ambassadors

  • President: Charissa Carroll
  • Vice President: Liana Chidichimo
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Adaobi Duru

Description: Assist the office of admission with the recruitment of prospective students.


Bradley University Pipeline SIG (BUPSIG)

  • President: Michael Neff
  • Vice President: Charlie Perez-Suarez
  • Additional Officers: Max Spiro (Development Chair), Chris Juarez (Curriculum Chair), Allison Hansen (Mentorship Chair), Rumi Venkatesh (Volunteering Chair)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dean Hanks

Description: To run the student arm of the UICOMP/BU educational pathway. This comes in the form of 1:1 mentorship, independent delivery of didactic material, co-teaching of material with UICOMP faculty, volunteering assistance, and AMCAS application support.


Community Clinic Connect

  • President: Erin Fund
  • Vice President: Dina Nashed
  • Additional Officers: Nicholas Xie, Emily Smith, Aaron VanGeest, Grace Tu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Christison

Description: Community Clinic Connect partners with the Loaves and Fish Food Pantry in Peoria to offer blood pressure and blood sugar screenings as well as free provider visits to individuals utilizing the emergency food system in our community.


Connecting with Peoria

  • President: Alejandra Pineda
  • Vice President: Nida Alam
  • Treasurer: Eric Hu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mary Stapel

Description: To introduce UICOMP medical students and faculty members to Peoria organizations that commit their time to serving the community. The goal is to facilitate long-term relationships between members of UICOMP and the community through volunteerism.


Cordoba Clinic

  • President: Justin Porter
  • Vice President: Matthew Grammer
  • Additional Officers: Nicholas Xie (Co-President)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vasquez Melendez

Description: Allow students the opportunity to begin providing care to under and uninsured patients in a controlled environment.


Disability and Medicine

  • President: Yoonje Cho
  • Vice President: Kylee Andrew
  • Career Outreach Chair: Grace Tu
  • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jessica Hanks, Dr. Wendelin Burdo-Hartman

Description: Educate medical students on working with people who have disabilities. Give opportunities for students to learn through a disability curriculum integrated in the coursework. Provide outreach opportunities in the community for organizations specific to serving people with disabilities.


¡Hablemos Medicina! (Lets talk medicine)

  • President: Omar Garcia-Martinez and Carlos Font
  • Vice President: Lexi Weltin
  • Treasurer: Heysel Serra-Rodriguez
  • Career Outreach Chair: Kelly Delgado
  • Faculty Advisor: Elsa Vazquez-Melendez

Description: The purpose of this SIG is to integrate medical Spanish/Latinx and cultural humility in order to better understand and communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Anyone interested in learning medical Spanish and/or understanding challenges that Hispanic/Latinx patients may face in the US are welcome to join.


Healthy Kids University

  • President: Kevin Kim
  • Vice President: Kajal Patel
  • Treasurer: Fatou Ndaw
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Christison

Description: 10-week program helps children ages 8 to 15 and their families develop healthier habits through hands-on games, activities, and education. Participants also have access to the YMCA’s facilities during the duration of the program.


Medical Students for Choice

  • President: Morgan Samanic
  • Vice President: Rumi Venkatesh
  • Treasurer: Bhavana Muppavarapu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vazquez-Melendez

Description: To advocate for student learning experiences in regard to contraception and abortion.


Manual High School Education Program

  • President: Anthony Pendleton
  • Vice President: Rahwa Hailemichael
  • Treasurer: Jhamal Wallace
  • Additional Officers: Nene Sy, Kenichi Haynie
  • Faculty Advisor: Janice Tamplin

Description: To increase URMs in medicine and foster interest in healthcare for Peoria youth.


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

  • President: Bhavana Muppavarapu
  • Vice President: Anthony Pendleton
  • Treasurer: Melissa Kim
  • Additional Officers: Carmen Calhoun
  • Faculty Advisor: Andrew Lancia

Description: NAMI provides advocacy, education, support, and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives. We are a student chapter affiliated with NAMI and aim to further their mission at UICOMP.


Pregnant Adolescent Learning with medical students (PALs)

  • President: Yoonje Cho
  • Vice President: Kara Proctor
  • Career Outreach Chair: Grace Tu
  • Additional Officers: Grace Tu (Recruitment/interviewer)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rahmat Olohuntoyin Na Allah

Description: Match medical students with a teenager who is pregnant (PAL), offering individualized support for the mother-to-be during the pregnancy.

  • Medical students may meet up with their PAL and grab coffee/meal or be a support system at an appointment or class.
  • Educate PAL on good medical practices throughout the pregnancy
  • Bring in mothers-to-be and give them a safe space to share their experience
  • Fundraise for supplies for the baby: diapers, cribs, pacifiers, strollers, toys, etc
  • Invite a psychiatrist/OBGYN to speak about postpartum depression
  • WIC and SNAP opportunities
  • Std testing, group b testing, gestational diabetes, pregnancy prevention in the future


Public Health Interest Group (PHIG)

  • President: Bhavana Muppavarapu
  • Vice President: Alexis Reinders
  • Faculty Advisor: Angela O’Bryant

Description: To bring together students who are interested in learning more about public health, connect them with initiatives in and around Peoria, and host the annual Health Disparities Forum.


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital SIG

  • President: Claudia Lasalle
  • Vice President: Ciara Callanan
  • Staff Advisor: Elizabeth Kellington

Description: To help raise awareness about the St. Jude Children’s Hospital organization among medical students and to organize and promote events that may help raise funds in support of St. Jude’s cause.



  • President: Abdullah Arif
  • Vice President: Justin Porter & Allison Hansen
  • Additional Officers: Anup Patel (Innovations Officer), Tyler Kalinich (Clinical Connections Officer), Ram Narendran (Community Outreach Officer), Anjani Maley (Community Outreach Officer)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ari Rubenfeld

Description: ValUIC seeks to educate the next generation of UIC physicians on value-based medicine; the notion of providing the highest level of care for the lowest cost, at both patient and provider levels. We achieve this by:

  1. Engaging students through resource dissemination, curricular change, and events
  2. Conducting value-based research at UI Health
  3. Empowering patient communities to elude financial toxicity while achieving health goals.


We Belong

  • President: Zaphrirah Chin
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elsa Vazquez-Melendez

Description: We Belong is a student interest group founded at UICOMP in order to address first-generation barriers, historical exclusion, and marginalization in order to safeguard the success of those confronted with contemporary exclusionary culture. We Belong also addresses the struggle for liberation and the necessity for showing up for all oppressed people.


  • President: Julia Bendorf
  • Vice President: Anna Ford
  • Treasurer: Sonia Ramirez
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rahmat Na’Allah

Description: To advance women in medicine, advocate for equity, and ensure excellence in health care.

Clinical Take 2

  • President: Alisha Punjwani
  • Additional Officers: Ram Narendran, Fatima Nizamudin, Kushi Gowda, Chirag Gopinath
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Soltesz

Description: Purpose is to learn from common and uncommon mistakes that are made in the clinical setting via case presentations.

Global Health

  • President: Shahabal Khan
  • Vice President: Basil Zakkar
  • Treasurer: Jose Gonzalez
  • Career Outreach Chair: Faisal Al-Qawasmi
  • Additional Officer: James Jackson IV (Co-Vice President)
  • Faculty Advisor: Angela O’Bryant

Description: To learn about different issues pertaining to global health and have discussions with experts in the field and like‐minded peers on various global health topics. To brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues on global health projects.

Phi Delta Epsilon

  • President: Eesha Tokala
  • Vice President: Karina Favela
  • Treasurer: Milon Hutchinson
  • Additional Officers: Olivia Guntin
  • Faculty Advisor: Sherri Yong

Description: Phi Delta Epsilon is an international medical fraternity that helps connect current and future physicians through education, equity, and philanthropy.

Catholic Medical Association

  • President: Sam Johnson
  • Vice President: Grant Williams
  • Treasurer: John Hillenbrand
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Greg Tudor

Description: A group of Catholic medical students, open also to anyone interested in faith, focused on community, growing in the faith, fellowship, and receiving the Sacraments.

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

  • President: Abigail Schulz
  • Vice President: Olivia Lee
  • Treasurer: Young-Hye Lee
  • Faculty Advisor: Mary Stapel

Description: CMDA educates, encourages, and equips Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God.

Iranian Cultural Association

  • President: Amin Parvizi
  • Vice President: Arshia Ghodrati
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Christison

Description: To spread awareness of Iranian culture and to support humanitarian/medical efforts for Iranians.

Latino Medical Student Association

  • President: Sonia Ramirez
  • Vice President/Co-President: Charlie Perez-Suarez & Karina Favela
  • Treasurer: Diego Ruiz-Avila
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elsa Vazquez-Melendez

Description: To represent, support, educate, and unify medical trainees, especially those who identify as Hispanic or Latina/o/x.

Muslim Students Association

  • President: Fatima Nizamuddin and Abdullah Arif
  • Vice President: Ranya Naser
  • Treasurer: Shahabal Khan
  • Career Outreach Chair: Ameena Patel
  • Additional Officers: Lamisha Tabriz (social coordinator)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rahmat Na’Allah

Description: The Muslim Students Association aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students by hosting various social, educational, and volunteering opportunities for students within the Peoria community.

Queer Coalition

  • President: Anthony Pendleton
  • Vice President: Morgan Samanic
  • Treasurer: Demi Castellanos
  • Additional Officers: Eli Adams, Lauren Yep
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vazquez-Melendez

Description: To create a community for LGBTQ+ students at UICOMP.

South Asian Student Association

  • President: Harveen Kaur
  • Vice President: Kushi Gowda
  • Treasurer: Anjani Maley
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gauri Shevatekar

Description: To celebrate and share the joy of the rich and diverse culture of South Asia by enjoying group Bollywood movie nights and celebrating vibrant festivals like Diwali.

Atrial Kick

  • President: Diego Ruiz-Avila
  • Vice President: Matthew Wattelet
  • Treasurer: Jose Gonzalez
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eileen Doherty

Description: To partake in a community soccer league and integrate fitness/exercise weekly. Build community within our student population around soccer.

Barbers’ Atelier

  • President: Olivia Lee
  • Vice President: Sonia Pulido
  • Treasurer: Chris Juarez
  • Additional Officers: Claudia LaSalle (Co-Vice President)
  • Faculty Advisor: Tracy Soltesz

Description: The purpose of this group is to take an artistic and substantial approach to anatomy and thus deepen students’ understanding of the configurations and proportions of anatomical structures beyond the level of understanding required for class, which will benefit students interested in surgery including reconstructive procedures.

Basketball and Leadership

  • President: Kolawole Sangokoya
  • Vice President: Aneal Dayal
  • Treasurer: Jhamal Wallace
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kelvin Wynn

Description: A SIG that would function as an official group for students to organize and play basketball together while emphasizing community service, leadership, and mentoring.


  • President: Erin Fund
  • Vice President: Olivia Lee
  • Additional Officers: Ishita Bhattacharya
  • Faculty Advisor: Janice Tamplin

Description: Docapella is an acapella group open to all members of UICOMP. We rehearse weekly and perform at various school events throughout the year.

Film Studies

  • President: Daniel McBride
  • Vice President: Abdullah Mubarick
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jon Fisher

Description: To analyze powerful and/or medical films of history and modern day that impact the culture of our country. Students will have opportunities to watch movies and have meetings to thoughtfully discuss perspectives at the time of movie production and the modern interpretation that we have today.

Gaming SIG

  • President: Milon Hutchinson
  • Vice President: Daniel Henley
  • Treasurer: Julia Bendorf
  • Faculty Advisor: Jon Fisher

Description: To bring together students into the world of video gaming and board gaming, and have a space where students can delve into those interests and build community.

Green Pollex

  • President: Liana Chidichimo
  • Vice President: Lauren Yep
  • Treasurer: Zaphrirah Chin
  • Additional Officers: Morgan Samanic (Secretary)
  • Faculty Advisor: Angela O’Bryant

Description: To manage the medicinal plant garden, unite students with a passion for gardening/ plants, and help improve the use of plants on campus.

Makers in Medicine

  • President: Kushi Gowda
  • Vice President: Shahabal Khan
  • Treasurer: Ayana Blair
  • Additional Officers: Mariam Banoub (Secretary), Samantha Wahlers (Community Outreach), Adwoa Sefah (Social Media), Allie Sidwell (Event Planning)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Fisher

Description: This is a group for students interested in any form of arts and crafts. This group will provide a creative outlet for students while also allowing us to explore the relationship between art and medicine.

Musicians in Medicine

  • President: Grace Tu
  • Vice President: Julia Bendorf
  • Additional Officers: Olivia Guntin (Secretary)
  • Faculty Advisor: Bento Soares

Description: To provide students with volunteer opportunities and facilitate connections within the community through music.


  • President: Cecilia Canizela
  • Vice President: Jason Jesse
  • Treasurer: Basil Zakkar
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Christison

Description: To promote and introduce pickleball to UICOMP students. To encourage wellness, foster relationships within the UICOMP and Peoria medical community, and have fun.

Rock Docs

  • President: Eric Hu
  • Vice President: Emily Shi
  • Treasurer: Conner Driver
  • Additional Officers: Allison Kinsinger (Secretary)
  • Faculty Advisor: Peter Phan

Description: Rock Docs is a SIG focused on rock climbing. Whether it be bouldering, top rope, lead climbing, or more, we aim to introduce and promote the sport to fellow medical students. The local climbing gym “First Ascent” is a great place to meet new people while also having a fun and exciting workout!


  • President: Emily Shi
  • Vice President: Max Spiro
  • Treasurer: Bret Olson
  • Career Outreach Chair: Kylee Andrew
  • Additional Officers: Jay Srinivas
  • Faculty Advisor: John Farrell

Description: Recreational ice skating to bring together UICOMP students.

Strength and Conditioning SIG

  • President: Steve Demartini
  • Vice President: Ryan Dillard
  • Treasurer: Aaron Deter
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Fisher

Description: To encourage fitness, mental, and physical health among students.

Ultimate Frisbee

  • President: Kedrick Shin
  • Vice President: Allie Sidwell
  • Faculty Advisor: Anamika Sengupta

Description: Organize recreational frisbee games for medical students.

Volleyball SIG

  • President: Ishita Bhattacharya
  • Vice President: Mary Bass
  • Treasurer: Annie Zhu
  • Career Outreach Chair: Eric Hu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dean Doherty

Description: To organize games of volleyball amongst students, residents, and faculty as well as register teams as part of the Riverplex leagues.