Student Health and Campus Care

Covered Medical Services

The following services are customarily covered by the Student Health fee when rendered at one of the approved Carle Health clinics or, for TB testing and flu shots, when scheduled at the College of Medicine:

  • Examination and routine outpatient care and preventative health care services which can be provided at the clinic
  • Basic gynecologic preventive care at approved intervals
  • Common STD Care
  • TB testing for continuing students as required by the College
  • Contraception and pregnancy testing
  • Tetanus booster if indicated
  • Administration of student provided desensitization injectables
  • Administration of annual flu shots for all students

Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services through the Center for Wellbeing are funded through the Student Health Fee and available to all students at no additional cost. No referral is needed.

Other mental health and counseling resources for students in Peoria include:
Associates in Mental Health
Dr. Venus Evans-Winters

For Campus Care-enrolled students, a referral from a Primary Care Provider at one the Carle Health approved clinics is required to see a provider from Associates in Mental Health or Dr. Evans-Winters. A co-payment may be required. See Campus Care benefit page for more information.

Immunizations and COVID-19 Vaccination

The College of Medicine requires vaccination against COVID-19 and other preventable diseases.


In-network pharmacy:
Alwan Pharmacy
311 N. Western Ave
Peoria IL

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