Pre-registration of Studies

  • Some journals either encourage or require studies to be pre-registered. What this entails is putting up a design and analysis plan on a website (e.g., Open Science Framework) or submitting it to the journal, before you begin the study. If you know which journal you would like to try to submit this study to, consult their website for their specific guidelines. If you pre-register a study with a journal, the design and analysis plan will go through a review process, during which the plan may be refined based on reviewer feedback. If you pre-register a study directly through a website like Open Science Framework, your plan will not be reviewed. When the study is submitted for publication, you would refer back to this pre-registration in the methods section. The rationale is to ensure that the analyses reported in the manuscript were planned, and any additional analyses conducted are reported as exploratory. Analysis code and de-identified data are sometimes also placed on these websites, depending on the requirement of the journal.
  • There is only a one-time fee of $25 for this service.

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