Speaker Instructions

  • All presentations for Research Day 2021 will be given in a brief-talk platform format.
  • Plan to prepare a Power Point presentation, which will be virtually shared with the audience within your designated zoom-session.
  • Each talk should be delivered within 10 min, with an additional 5 min for questions and discussion, as well as the transition to the next speaker.
  • The presentation should consist of three critical sections: Introduction and rationale; Obtained results; and Conclusions.
  • While your PPT file will be shared from your personal computer or laptop, please consider providing a copy of it to the Chair-Moderator of your session, in the case of any unforeseen problems.
  • If you require additional guidance on how to prepare and time your talk, contact the Research Committee Chair, Dr. Zakharian, at [email protected] with your needs.
  • Speakers are asked to join the assigned presentation zoom link at least 15 minutes before the start of the session to ensure that the audiovisual technician and the moderator have the appropriate amount of time to check your PC/laptop connection and to ensure compatibility of your presentation’s visual content. In cases of technical difficulties, the moderator will be sharing the PPT file from the host computer, which will allow the speaker to deliver the talk with help of navigation from the moderator.
  • Speakers will be provided with the exact time slot for their presentation and the specific zoom link. The explicit program and itinerary will be provided two weeks prior to the Research Day.
  • Speakers must adhere to their allotted time for speaking and answering questions, as a courtesy to other speakers and the audience. Brief-talks platform speakers are allotted 15 minutes for presentation and discussion.