Research Day 2021

Tuesday, April 13



Research Day 2021 will be held virtually. Each presenter will be given an opportunity to deliver a short talk during the program. The duration of each presentation is up to 10 minutes, followed by questions and a brief discussion.

More information to come!


We are welcoming the submission of new abstracts. All the abstracts submitted in 2020 are tentatively approved. However, you would need to fill out this form as a confirmation of your willingness to present it during the 2021’s event. The deadline for all the submissions is Monday, March 22.

Eligible Applicants

  • Current Medical Students at UICOM (Peoria and other campuses)
  • Current Graduate Nursing Students at UIC
  • Residents


  • Clinical Vignettes
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • Research

Eligible Projects

  • Current completed projects in Health Science research/patient care
  • Appropriate IRB approval obtained

Keynote Speech

There’s an APP for That, or Is There? — A Critical Perspective on the Scientific Study of Mindfulness and Meditation

Clifford D. Saron, PhD, UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain