Health Sciences Education

Department of Health Sciences Education
and Pathology


The department was officially recognized as of July 1, 2020 as the Pathology Department and relatively new Health Sciences Education department officially merged. The department focus is on medical education with primary focus on the Phase 1 curriculum as well as a number of electives for the Phase 2 curriculum.

Led by department head, Dr. Meenakshy Aiyer, our department consists of volunteer faculty members from the Peoria medical community, part-time faculty, and full-time faculty members. We share an unwavering commitment to excellence in education, service, and research. Our commitment to serving the medical community is consistent with the mission of UIC; by providing “access to excellence” for students and patients. The department’s faculty and staff are dedicated to fostering the development of our students.


The department will be recognized as leaders in medical education and scholarship. The department is committed to creating a progressive student centered learning environment that integrates basic, social and clinical sciences toward the development of exemplary healthcare providers.

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