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Photo of Jalloh Jr., Ahmed

Ahmed Jalloh Jr., MD

Resident (Class of 2026)

Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency

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I am from Brooklyn, NY. I enjoy connecting with friends, meeting new people, and spending time with family on zoom, by phone, etc. I seem to always end up going somewhere new, whether it’s just a short hike with people or travel out of the country. I love connecting with people over food (especially if it’s plant-based AND tastes great), working with churches to impact communities, doing something fun like bowling or board games just for laughs, or discussions/reading about science, history, or philosophy. After residency, I want to spend the majority of my time in primary care with some inpatient work. I also plan on using the management and health policy skills from my MPH and some things I’ve learned through history to work/partner with others to enhance/(re)introduce innovations in healthcare delivery in the USA and a couple countries, all while still staying sane.

Why I Chose Peoria

Peoria’s MedPeds program kept surprising me both on and after the interview day. I had good vibes from the program director. Also, every (really every!) question regarding the clinical experiences I would have here resulted in answers that were reassuring. I also felt I would be well supported regarding some things that mattered to me. There were a few things that I wanted and found here. The pathology/complexity/range of severity was diverse and there were good features in place for teaching and progressive autonomy. I was confident I would be able to learn any procedure I thought I would need for domestic or global health. Also, people in the program really seemed to have each others’ back. Since I’ve been here I’ve also been surprised by what is actually in Peoria (most things I want I can find in a few minutes without the NY traffic)!


Wayne State School of Medicine

Oakwood University, BS in Biology