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Photo of Soares, Marcelo Bento

Marcelo Bento Soares, PhD

Professor and Department Head for Cancer Biology and Pharmacology, Senior Associate Dean for Research

Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine, Professor of Neurosurgery

Cancer Biology and Pharmacology


Office Phone:



Dr. Soares’ laboratory has been working in collaboration with Dr. Sergey Malchenko to study the role of mitochondrial retrograde signaling in cancer development. In particular, they are investigating enhancement of tumor progression by reprogramming of neighboring cells upon mitochondrial transfer from cancer stem cells (CSCs). Intercellular mitochondrial transfer has been observed between different types of CSCs and neighboring cells, including brain CSCs and astrocytes. Dr. Soares’ interest also includes the development and assessment of educational interventions that promote compassion, resilience, inclusiveness and emotional intelligence on the well-being of medical students, residents, fellows and healthcare professionals at large.

Dr. Soares is course director for the C.R.E.A.T.E. (Compassion, Resilience and Emotional Awareness Training and Education) elective.

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Publications

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Contribution to Public Databases

A total of 5,311,053 Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) entries in the dbEST subdivision of GenBank [], as of December 21st, 2014. These ESTs were derived from cDNA clones generated in my laboratory. Sequences were either produced in my laboratory or at the laboratory of a collaborator. At that time, this represented approximately 26.5% of all human ESTs (2,770,390 out of a total of 10,464,028), 18% of all mouse ESTs (924,147 out of a total of 5,143,558), and 31% of all rat ESTs (383,762 out of a total of 1,243,364). I have also contributed to gene discovery/EST projects of numerous other species, including – but not limited to – Sus scrofa (pig), Xenopus, Aedes, Schistosoma, Anopheles, Glossina, Apis melifera. Altogether, my laboratory has contributed to a significant fraction of all EST data available in the dbEST database.


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