Critical Incident Team

Each floor or zones within a floor will be under the direction of member of the Critical Incident Team who is responsible for the evacuation of occupants in the event of an emergency.

In the event of fire or other evacuation, a member of the Critical Incident Team will help employees on the floor to evacuate the building. The Critical Incident Team will:

  • Direct the occupants of the building to proceed to their designated refuge area.
  • Help to select the safest stairway or other exit to use for evacuation.
  • Assist any person with a disability to exit the building.
  • Take a head count, if possible, to determine if all of the occupants have been evacuated.
  • Inform the Fire Department of missing, injured, or deceased (if known).

Team Members (Primary & Secondary) and Areas of Responsibility

Lynne Keaton & Shannon Doerr
HR, A-209, A-210, A-211

Sanjeeva Mohanam & Kiran Velupla
CBP second floor C Wing, including restrooms

Maria Heathcoat & Debby Tucker
Second floor B Wing

Lisa Collins & Scotti Nieukirk
GME, Medicine, Nursing

Tom Ryan & Gary Edwards
Boiler Room, A100-2, Tiered Classroom, CIS, Lobby

Karen Luna & Gail Davis
LHS, Student Lounge Area, Academic Skills Office

Suzy Witt & Sondra Fox
Receiving, Print Shop, Physical Plant Shop, LACF, 1st floor C Wing including restrooms

Kim Deets & Bonnie Willis
Advancement/Community Relations

Mindy Reeter & Deb Wolf

Linda Walter & Casey Fornal
Third Floor B-Wing

Carla Stokes & Penny Halverson
Administrative Affairs, Medical Billing

Kristy Bushart & Laureen Perkins
Dean’s Office, Accounting

Bonnie Willis & Mary Ann Wilson
Student Affairs, Academic Affairs

Mary Durdel & Chris Menke
Family Medicine Center