Critical Incident Team

Each floor or zones within a floor will be under the direction of member of the Critical Incident Team who is responsible for the evacuation of occupants in the event of an emergency.

In the event of fire or other evacuation, a member of the Critical Incident Team will help employees on the floor to evacuate the building. The Critical Incident Team will:

  • Direct the occupants of the building to proceed to their designated refuge area.
  • Help to select the safest stairway or other exit to use for evacuation.
  • Assist any person with a disability to exit the building.
  • Take a head count, if possible, to determine if all of the occupants have been evacuated.
  • Inform the Fire Department of missing, injured, or deceased (if known).
ZonePrimarySecondaryArea of Responsibility
1Marie McWhirterDeb WolfClassroom A100-3, DES, COR
2Dennis DriscollTammy LivingstonStudent Affairs, Advancement, A110A, A109, Restrooms, A115
3Lisa CollinsScotti NieukirkGME, Nursing
4Bonnie WillisJayme BelcherAcademic Affairs, A110B
5Kristy BushartAdam YerianDean’s Office, Video Conference/Study Areas, LACF Office
6Penny HalversonBarb Staggs/Carla StokesAdministrative Affairs, Medical Billing, A-116A, A116B
7Tom RyanGary EdwardsBoiler Room
8Lee Ann MaasChad KeeIT Area, Server Room, A1002, Lecture Hall, Lobby, Testing Room
9Suzy WittSondra FoxReceiving, Print Shop, Physical Plant Shop, Restrooms, Mail room
10Laureen PerkinsMeghann McKownHR Stairwell, A-208 Clinic Area, 1st Floor Break Room, IRB
11Lynne KeetonShannon DoerrHR, A-211, A-210, A-209, A-200A, A-200C, A-200B, Cafeteria, Nursing Rooms
12Karen LunaStephanie CampbellLibrary, Learning Enhancement Computer Lab
13Chris WadleDeborah LausengStudent Lounge, Study Rooms, UHP, Restrooms, A-215
14Jolene HarrisJenna Regan2nd Floor B-Wing North
15Debby TuckerJennifer Zapf2nd Floor B-Wing South
16Christina ConstantinidouChris GondiCBP 2nd Floor C-Wing, Restrooms
17Eleonora ZakharianLeslie Wise1st Floor C-wing, Restrooms
18Krishna VeeravalliCasey Fornal3rd Floor B-Wing
19Angela DanielsStephanie SampsonLACF – Lab