IRBNet Instructions

New Project Submission Instructions

Step 1 – Create New Project tab

  • type Title
  • type PI’s first name, last name, and degree
  • type sponsor (if there is one), CONTINUE

Step 2 – Designer tab

a) Download blank forms for Library (UICOMP documents for researchers) and save them to your desktop. Peoria IRB Forms may be found in IRBNet under the Forms and Templates link in the left margin.

  • Project/Protocol Review Form (PPRF)
  • Financial Disclosure:
    • Non-Sponsored Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (NSCOIDF) for non-sponsored, minimal risk studies
    • Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form (SFIDF – Part I) for sponsored studies and non-sponsored studies which are greater than minimal risk studies. If there is a conflict of remuneration, a SFIDF Part II is also needed which explains how the conflict will be managed.
  • Responsibility of Investigator Form (ROI)
  • Informed Consent for review and stamping (template available in IRBNet) if required
  • Data sheets, recruitment materials, brochures, surveys/questionnaires
  • Word document of Protocol

For QA/QI Projects – ONLY the Not Research/Not Human Subject Research Determination Form

b) Add New Documents which takes you to Designer Page screen. Use drop down for Document Type and File fields to find document(s) on your desktop, ATTACH

Step 3 – Share this Project tab

  • Search for an Organization SEARCH
  • Highlight organization (SELECT ORGANIZATION)
  • Grant access – “Full” access if you want them to be able to create and submit packages and review all documents in IRBNet or “Read” access if you just wish them to be able to review documents. It is always a good idea to have 2 people with “Full” access in case of any emergency.

Step 4 – Sign this Package

The PI should sign the submission. Any person with full access may sign a submission. However, if the person signing is not the PI, it must be signed “On Behalf of” and must be allowed by your institution. Signatures may be electronic or physical on the forms. Required signatures: the Principal Investigator, the Department Head, and if research done at OSF or Unity Point the site Institutional Official.

Step 5 — Submit this Package

  • Search for an Organization, highlight a board, and CONTINUE.
  • Use the drop down to select Submission Type – New Project and SUBMIT
  • You can keep your package open until you are ready to submit. A submission will remain a “Work in Progress” until it is submitted. The IRB office cannot see a work in progress.

Sharing a Study in IRBNet

Access your study with the “My Project” button in the left margin

“Share this Project” button in left margin

Click on blue “Share” word

In Search for an Organization, type organization name in field OR * then click on “Search” button

“Select Organization” button

Search for a User (name of person OR *) in field then click the “Search” button

Select Access Type – Full, Write, Read, or No Access

“Save” button

Share your study with another people on your study so they may view the materials as well. The Principal Investigator and at least one other person should have “Full” access.

Share your study with your Department Head and your Institutional Officials as “Read” only access so they may sign your submission.

  • Research at UnityPoint Health – share “Read” only with Savannah Cranford and Vaughn Hanna, MD, affiliated with Methodist Medical Center, Peoria, IL
  • Research at OSF HealthCare System – share “Read” only with Stephanie Madrigal, affiliated with OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL

Locating Letters and Stamped Documents in IRBNet

Call up the study using “My Projects” tab

Select the “Reviews” tab

Scroll to the “Board Documents” section and click on the paper icon on the right of the corresponding Pkg #

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