Neuroscience Research

University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria in collaboration with OSF Healthcare offers research opportunities and funding for students exploring a career in neuroscience research or neurological clinical care. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program which provides the student access to faculty members with extensive experience in the field.

  • Illinois Neurological Institute Medical Student Fellowship: A three-month award in support of short-term experiences with faculty and residents, with a stipend of $3,000. Funding supports participation in ongoing research activity.
  • Illinois Neurological Institute Research Scholar: A long-term yearly award of $12,000, with potential for renewal, in support of ongoing research. Funding is in support of a project developed by the scholar with a faculty mentor.

Through neuroscience research, students and faculty have participated in research developments for multiple sclerosis (MS), Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Parkinson’s disease and dementia. UICOMP students, in collaboration with Jump Simulation Center, INI clinicians, residents and staff, were able to participate in projects involving the use of the MS Flowsheet Registry. This registry assists doctors and others in the development of tools to better manage the diagnosis and care of MS patients.