Frequently Asked Questions

What is your FWA assurance number and how do I certify PIRB’s assurance?

PIRB is registered with DHHS and operates under UICOM-P Federal Wide Assurance #00005172. Each institution that requests review by PIRB must complete and submit the IRB Authorization Agreement. Confirmation of PIRB’s FWA and the institutions that rely upon this IRB can be accessed by visiting the OHRP website.

How often does PIRB meet?

PIRB has two committee panels. IRB 1 meets the second Thursday of each month, IRB 2 meets directly after. For a full schedule of times and dates, please refer to Meeting Dates page.

Who has overall responsibility for UICOMP’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)?

The Senior Associate Dean for Research of UICOM-P has overall responsibility for the HRPP. The responsibilities are:

  • Oversight of the IRB
  • Oversight over the conduct of research conducted by all UICOM-P investigators
  • Assuring the UICOM-P IRB members are appropriately knowledgeable to review research in accordance with ethical standards and applicable regulations
  • Assuring that all investigators are appropriately knowledgeable to conduct research in accordance with ethical standards and applicable regulations
  • Oversight of the development and implementation of an educational plan for UICOMP IRB members, staff and investigators

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