Outstanding Team Award

This award celebrates the UICOMP spirit through collaboration and teamwork that are highlights of being a part of the UICOMP family.

Winners are asked to:

  1. Proudly display the trophy during the month.
  2. During the final week of the month, determine who YOUR TEAM would like to select as the next recipient. Please note: UICOMP departments/units can only receive the trophy once in a 12-month period. (A list of recipients is below.)
  3. During the first week of the next month, present the trophy to the next department/unit recipient that your team selected.
  4. Email the name of the next department/unit recipient along with a photo of them with the trophy as well as a statement about why they were selected for the Outstanding Team Award to: [email protected].
Selection Criteria
  • Outstanding Team Award

March 2023 Winner: Physical Plant

Congratulations to the Physical Plant staff who was selected as this month’s Outstanding Team Award Winner! Their hard work in assisting with the daily operations of the campus is appreciated. They do an outstanding job [...]

Outstanding Team Award Winners

  • Outstanding Team Award

February 2023 Winner: LACF

Hats off to the team in UICOMP’s LACF for the great work they do in support of UICOMP research! Because of their diligence, dedication and great approach to collaboration, the [...]

  • Purchasing Dept

January 2023 Winner: Purchasing Department

The Positive Health Solutions (PHS) team would like to recognize the Purchasing Department team, Ginger and Barb, for their dedication and all their hard work supporting PHS in its [...]

  • PHS team

December 2022 Winner: Positive Health Solutions

Communication and Information Services (CIS) would like to recognize the Positive Health Solutions (PHS) team for their dedication and all the hard work they do to create the best experience [...]