How to Take Part in ILLInet RECOVER Long COVID Research

Anyone interested in taking part in long COVID research can contact [email protected] or CALL (309) 233-0299. Visit for more information.

Q. Who is eligible?

A. Individuals 18 years old and older may be eligible to participate. Currently, the study seeks people who have had a recent COVID infection and those who have never had a COVID infection.

Q. How do I participate in the research?

A. To enroll, call 309-233-0299 and leave a message. Or, visit and enter your information. A research team member will then contact you to determine if you are eligible to enroll.

Q. Can children enroll?

A. No, people under 18 are not eligible to participate.

Q. Will it cost me to participate?

A. There is no cost to you to participate. Any study-related procedures will be covered by the study, and you will receive a payment to compensate you for the time spent participating.

Q. Does my vaccination status influence my eligibility to participate?

A. Anyone can participate regardless of vaccination status.