HealthCheck Q & A

No. You will only complete a survey once a day prior to your first entrance into the building.

No. We are encouraging you to badge-out and back-in to help us track who is in the building in case of an emergency but you only have to badge in once a day. If you do not badge-out there will not be an issue.

This means your iCard is not being read correctly by the reader.
1. Please see security to answer a few short questions.
a. Date, Full Name, UIN #, Contact Email and Badge Number on the back of your iCard.
b. CIS will be in contact to work with you and resolve your iCard issues.

2. You will be asked to sign-in, answer the CDC Screening Questions and check your temperature.

During the grace period 10/5-11/2, yes. If you have not completed the survey and/or cannot show your daily pass admittance approval (sent to you by email or by going to you must complete the COVID-19 security screening at entry.

No, during the grace period 10/5-11/2 the daily admittance pass shows you completed the HealthCheck Self-Survey and you are able to enter the building. Your access card will be reviewed to confirm proper configuration and why you received a red flash.

You can bookmark the website on your phone (instructions below) or ask security to use the Quick Response Code (QR Code) for the HealthCheck Survey (

You can download a QR reader app or open your camera on your phone. Hold over the QR code and a web browser pop up will appear on your screen. Click the pop up and open the link. If this is your first time using it, you will see the UIC sign-in page to authentic to the website. Use your net id and universal password to sign in.

Please check your daily emails.

This is up to the staff member. There is not a location in which a staff can login and see a record of their daily self-monitoring surveys. Recovery Coordinators will receive reports that shows who completed the survey and their eligibility (admit/no admit) to enter the building. The daily pass link will show staff their eligibility to enter the building after they take the survey for that day only.

This policy and procedures need to deal with people with pre-existing conditions like chronic cough, hayfever, allergies, etc.
We have received multiple concerns regarding the COVID-19 screening questions. The screening questions are designed to keep the UICOMP community safe and like many screening tools will have a false positive rate. It is important to note that despite the change in process, the questions have not changed from the analog screener at the door to the digital affirmation that is being implemented now. We understand that the symptoms of COVID-19 are non-specific and have overlap with many other infectious diseases, as well as, other common conditions such as seasonal allergies. If you have chronic conditions that lead to some of the symptoms described, have a discussion with your PCP. If your PCP indicates that the symptom you are having is due to a chronic condition, then you can answer no to the question of whether or not you have any of the symptoms. If your chronic symptoms change from baseline, we would expect you to answer yes to the presence of symptoms.

No, please do not check email on weekends for compliance. Departmental Recovery Coordinators should address staff not completing the survey but entering the building when they return on Monday.

UICOMP is unable to sustain staffing at the main campus entrance, 1 Illini Drive, for HealthCheck screening. We are aligning our entry into 1 Illini Drive with the UIC process to ensure we follow CDC guidelines and University recommendations as UICOMP offices and operations continue to re-open under Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan. This integrates with the University’s building access control system and allows us to follow UIC protocols, monitor the online screenings, and regulate facility access mitigating risk during the ongoing pandemic.

No. If you are experiencing symptoms, new or changes, DO NOT come in. Follow prior communicated reporting and return to work procedures.

You should first self-monitor at home and if you are symptomatic stay home. Then follow the reporting and return to work procedures. This system is put into place to eliminate staffing the main campus entrance for HealthCheck screenings while aligning with UIC process and mitigating risk.

No. For our offsite clinical faculty and staff, we are well aware that most must go through a daily hospital/ambulatory checkpoint which complies with the campus screening requirements (but there is no data throughput to feed into the campus platform). To acknowledge this, we have placed all of the faculty with physician appointments and the clinical staff in hospital/ambulatory based departments on an “exemption” list. This is so we will not inadvertently disable their iCard access. *POLICY UPDATE: However, when entering the building at 1 Illini drive you are still asked to complete the survey by checking the box that says

No. Visitors and vendors will continue to follow building access policy already established.

All entering 1 Illini Drive on a weekend will need to follow weekend access policy. All need to sign in with security, review the symptom questions and have your temperature check prior to entering building.

Monday – Friday when you plan to enter the main campus at 1 Illini Drive.

HR is currently working on finalizing flu shot clinics for UICOMP employees who are on State insurance while Academic Affairs is finalizing students’ vaccinations. Until flu shots are administered, please complete the survey appropriately and it will not interfere with entrance to be the building.

No. Notification are sent to you via email. It is a good idea to provide [email protected] with a second departmental Recovery Coordinator in your department to use as a backup when you are off of work. Both Recovery Coordinators will receive the information. Procedures for primary and secondary will need to be address within the department.

Only two database administrators on the UIC campus.

An email notification and daily report containing user name, UIN, date and admit/no admit

The departmental Recovery Coordinator and Human Resources will receive an urgent email show below and a daily report showing admit/no admit.