Room Use Agreement

Room Access & General Use

Faculty, staff and students complete the proper procedures for room reservation:

If anyone has occupied a room that was previously reserved through the appropriate procedures, they will be asked to leave.

Faculty, Staff or Students who reserve a room are expected to occupy the room during the allotted hours.

  • If the student anticipates being late or not needing the room, please inform the Student Affairs immediately at [email protected] or 309-671-8411 during regular business hours. If a student decides to vacate a reserved room earlier than his/her arranged end-time, please inform the Office of Student Affairs so that another student may use the room.
  • If faculty or staff does not need the room, please cancel the Outlook reservation.

In order to optimize study space, especially in times of high demand, the Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to add additional students to rooms where only one student is studying.

Reservations begin at the scheduled time, and not before. Please do not interrupt activities in a room prior to your scheduled time period.

If an emergent administrative need arises that requires the use of a student-occupied room, students should leave the room in a timely manner.

Room Maintenance

Use of the Meeting and Learning Space rooms requires an understanding that users will return the room to an orderly condition. Tables should not be moved from their original position, and chairs should not leave the room. Tables should be wiped clean and all trash should be properly disposed of.

  • Student should notify the Office of Student Affairs about rooms that are found in a disorderly state.
  • Faculty and Staff should notify Facilities about rooms that are found in a disorderly state.
  • Note: Changing the configuration of a room requires prior approval

Users should not store personal belongings in the rooms. Items found in drawers will be disposed of on a regular basis.

Users should shut down all equipment upon exit.

Food trash must be completely removed from rooms and placed in a public trash receptacle, and tables should be wiped cleaned. When necessary, arrangements should be made in advance with facilities management for trash removal. Click here for the Food and Drink Policy.

  • Student organizations must contact the Office of Student Affairs for trash removal procedures. For assistance in ordering additional tables, please contact the Office of Student Affairs. Be respectful of cleaning staff. Let them do their job if they arrive at the room you are using. They work on a schedule so please do not ask them to return at a time that is convenient for you.

Care must be taken to avoid damage or abuse to furniture. Any damage done to the room beyond “damage of common use” at the time of occupation is the responsibility of the student. Any damage that occurs must be reported at the first opportunity to …
Students: Office of Student Affairs
Faculty and Staff: Facilities

Care must be taken to avoid damage or abuse to equipment. Any damage that occurs must be reported at the first opportunity to …
Students: Office of Student Affairs
Faculty and Staff: Communication and Information Services; 309-671-3400

Users should not remove or misuse any property in a College of Medicine building. Tampering with University property falls under “Misuse or Unauthorized Use of University Facilities, Property and Grounds” and is subject to disciplinary action as a violation of a UIC Standard of Conduct. If a medical student is found in violation of a standard of conduct, at minimum this must be reported as an adverse institutional action in the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) which is used for residency applications.

Safety and Security

Some rooms have i-card access; these rooms will automatically lock upon departure. Do not prop doors open. Pay proper attention that the door is securely closed behind you, and be extra vigilant after hours. No personal belongings should be left in the room during times when the student is not present.

For building security and safety, faculty, staff and students are required to carry their I-card with them when on-campus. Campus security may ask to see i-card. Report any observed or suspicious misbehavior in the College of Medicine to campus security.

Students will forfeit their right to use of these spaces for study or other learning purposes if this agreement is found in any violation. By making a room reservation you are agreeing to abide by the terms in this Student Study Room Agreement.