Faculty & Staff Room Reservation Procedures

In order to ensure that your meeting or event goes as smoothly as possible, please follow the steps below:

Steps for Reserving a Room

Information Required for Reserving a Room

  • Organizer/Department
  • Responsible Party/Department Head/Chair
  • Group name
  • Event title
  • Description of the event
  • Date of the event (and recurrence)
  • Beginning and ending time of the event
  • Expected number of attendees (HR approval needed for minors)
  • Who to contact in case of emergency
  • Room or area requested
  • Is this a hybrid event (virtual and in-person)?
  • Involves CIS (AV, microphone, computers)?
  • Responsible party for room cleaning (name and email address)
    • This individual assumes responsibility for ensuring that University protocol is followed regarding sanitation/cleaning of the room. This includes but is not limited to wiping down work surfaces and high-touch areas prior to use and after use.
    • View cleaning guidelines
  • Any special requests


Note: Changing the configuration of a room requires prior approval.