Food and Drink Policy

The COM Learning Spaces are a technologically advanced educational space designed to teach medical students in a modern environment. Faculty, students, and staff must all act as stewards of the COM Learning Spaces to preserve the furnishings and equipment for future generations.

Tables and floor boxes in the classrooms are energized with power outlets and A/V connections. To protect the equipment and prevent any safety issues, spill-proof containers must be used when bringing beverages into all educational areas including the auditorium, the 2 large active learning rooms, the 3rd floor private study rooms, and the 18 small group classrooms.

The allowance of food in Learning Spaces is a decision to be made by the Academic Affairs office on a case by case basis. When food is permitted, the room must be cleaned with all garbage removed, and left in working condition by the students, faculty, or staff overseeing the event.

Food and drink in the Learning Space areas is a privilege. The COM Dean’s Office reserves the right to revoke the privilege if the presence of food and beverages becomes a detriment to the COM Learning Space primary function as a teaching facility.

COVID Update

On campus, we continue to follow UIC and CDC guidelines. While more people are on campus than in previous months, we ask everyone to be vigilant in following protocol and to be respectful of varying levels of comfort with respect to potential risk and exposure. As some have received the vaccine, others have not. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to follow the established protocol to protect ourselves, our colleagues and classmates, and others. Your diligence helps minimize the risk for others.

No eating during meetings/sessions/classes. Eating is not allowed during UICOMP gatherings of employees or students.

The CDC recommendations for mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene remain.