Equity Innovation Medicine (EquIMED)

Formerly Innovation in Rural Global Medicine (IRGmed)

EquIMED is a longitudinal, four-year elective offering medical students the opportunity to experience health care and health care delivery models in low resource settings.

Students accepted into the program gain a deep understanding of the barriers that exist in rural, urban, and global health care settings. Core to the elective involves developing innovative tools to solve fundamental problems. Students will draw from clinical experiences to solve real-world problems.

Participants also will:

  • Gain competency in interdisciplinary problem-solving
  • Learn about engineering design and process improvement
  • Experience austere medicine first-hand at one of many international sites
  • Understand the process of change management
  • Build relationships with their cohort

Curricular Overview

EquIMED spans all four years of medical school. Learning activities include lunch and learn seminars, medical colloquia, online learning, global rural health simulation training, a two-week immersive rotation at a global rural site, local rural site, or local urban site, and a capstone project.

M1-M2 Seminars, online lectures and EquIMED colloquia (32 hours)
M2-M4 Global Rural Health Simulation (80 hours)
Austere Innovation (80 hours)
M3-M4 EquIMED Capstone Project (40 hours)

Application Information

The application to EquIMED is now incorporated in the UICOM supplemental section. You will be able to access the application once you have received the link to complete UICOM’s secondary application. EquIMED applications are due April 1, 2023. Early submission is strongly recommended.

Additional Information

  • Accepts 8-12 students per year
  • About 1/3 of the program is independent, self-directed
  • Students may concurrently enroll in EquIMED and UICOMP’s Rural Student Physician Program
  • This is a longitudinal elective. Credit is awarded in M4 year upon completion of requirements
  • PELE 606 (CRN Fall 41779; Spring 40250; Summer 21971)


Sarah de Ramirez, MD, MPH, MSc
Director, Equity Innovation Medicine
[email protected]

Erica Litzsey
Program Coordinator, Equity Innovation Medicine
[email protected]