Gold Humanism Honor Society

What is Humanism in Medicine?

The Gold Humanism Honor Society adopts this definition for Humanism in Medicine: Humanism encompasses those attitudes and behaviors that emanate from a deep sensitivity and respect for others, including full acceptance of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Further, humanism is exemplified through compassionate, empathetic treatment of all persons while recognizing each one’s needs and autonomy.

With the sponsorship and leadership of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, each site of the University of Illinois College of Medicine has established a chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society to recognize and celebrate students and faculty who demonstrate a commitment to humanism in medicine, the highest standards of patient care, and evidence of becoming humanistic physicians. The Peoria chapter was chartered in 2007. The students honored are selected at the conclusion of their M3 years, when students have had sufficient opportunity to distinguish themselves through public service, leadership, and patient contact.

GHHS Members

Class of 2021:
Nadia Fayoumi, Faridat Folarin-Amode, David Jackson, Joshua Nordman, Diana Otuwa, George Tsourdinis, Alexandria Weston, and Zebib Yemane

Class of 2020:
Robert George, Aaron (AJ) Heaps, Jeremy Huckleby, Victoria Lu, Alexander Matelski, Kylie Mena, Matthew Schaeffer, Alexander Tang, and Luis Tinoco Garcia

Class of 2019:
William Barge, Meredith Baumgartner, Elise Biesboer, Jose Castellanos, Nerina DiSomma, Diane Fru, Natalia Jovanovic, Elizabeth Rowland. Faculty: Emily Horvath, MD

Class of 2018:
Gary Bhagat, Chancelor Cruz, Carley Demchuk, Joseph Krob, Saleha Mallick, Paulo Michelini, Mati Segev, Justin Steele. Faculty: Wasim Ellahi, MD

Class of 2017:
Philip Chang, Lily Criscione, Daniel Jonas, Jean Lee, Daniella Lucas, Hanna Gonzalez, Parker Thompson, Ran Xiao. Faculty: Rahmat Na’Allah, MD

Class of 2016:
Nathan Ackerman, Matt Chia, Eileen Hou, Grace Muganda, Riana Riffle, Selina Sandoval, Jerome Tiu. Faculty: Amy Christison, MD

Class of 2015:
Uzair Admani, Lauren Arditti, Imran Chishti, Alissa Conde, Jayme Kwak, David Lauterbach, Cesar Menchaca. Faculty: Matthew Mischler, MD

Class of 2014:
Brian Andonian, Benjamin Claytor, Lisa Fosnot, C. Charles Jain, Meghna Motiani, Ganesh Nagaraj, Abimbola Olayinka

Class of 2013:
Samuel Abebe, Christian Nunez, Kristen Schmidt, Pradeep Singanallur, Sandy Tun, Oluchi Ukaegbu

Class of 2012:
Alex Cantrell, Sabrina Gerkowicz, Ryan Gore, Matt Howard, Jason Kam, Cindy Koh

Class of 2011:
Stuart Covi, Sachin Jain, Stephanie Kok, Mario Martinez, Stephen Soong, Julia Wirjo

Class of 2010:
Ben Appenheimer, Sara (Burns) Creighton, John Fileta, Julie LeCleir, Bart Rose, Jerry Tsai, Joshua Troyer

Class of 2009:
Summer (Dyer) Wirth, Alina Huang, Elham Karamooz, Ingrid Kraus, Rachel Miller, Alexander Orem, Naree Whang

Class of 2008:
Yolanda Chang, Kaci (Dinga) Durbin, John Fahrner, Shaun Gabriel, Paul Jeziorczak, Manuela Vazquez