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Student Interest Groups

Student Interest Groups (SIGs) allow students to create programs and activities to further their common interests about medical specialties or other topics.

University policies state that all student, faculty, and staff organizations operating on University property are required by the Board of Trustees to be registered annually with the UIC Office of Student Services. At UICOMP, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, in accordance with the recommendations of the Student Government Association and the Budget Advisory Committee is responsible for coordinating the registration and funding of Student Interest Groups. All groups are expect to follow the Student Interest Group Guidelines.

How to Register a Student Interest, Recreational or Sports Group:

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Describe a purpose that distinguishes your group from other interest groups and does not duplicate existing programs or services; and
  3. Have, at minimum, three officers/leaders, all of whom will be enrolled both semesters of the upcoming academic year. At least one officer must be designated as President and another as Treasurer, but there should be no more than two co-officers for any position; and
  4. Identify a faculty advisor; and
  5. Provide a plan for activities for the coming academic year; and
  6. Present a budget showing anticipated expenses plus anticipated sources of funding.
  7. Submit the completed form to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs by paper copy, fax or email.

The annual SIG registration period begins each year in May and concludes in early August. Review and recommendations of annual funding for SIGs occurs at the Budget Advisory Committee on the third Wednesday in August, and is ratified by the Student Government Association shortly thereafer.

Funding derives from Student Fees. Expenditures must conform to college and university regulations, as detailed in the Spending Guidelines for Students. Recreational and Sports Groups must observe the Recreational Team Funding Guidelines. Additional funding requests can be made by filling out a funding proposal form and submitting it to the Budget Advisory Council. The BAC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

For more information about Student Interest Groups, contact the UICOMP Student Affairs Office, 309-671-8411.