Peoria Medical Student Council

The Peoria Medical Student Council (PMSC) is composed of four annually-elected representatives from each class. The PMSC meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Student Lounge. All interested students are welcome to attend.

PMSC Officers 2019-2020

Co-Presidents: Matt Schaeffer and Ellen Cealey
Co-Vice Presidents: Victoria Lu and Eliot Rapoport
Treasurer: Andrew Meister
Secretary: Dominique Bruncko

Elected Student Committee Members (PDF)

The PMSC serves as an umbrella organization to student committee representatives and to the Student Interest Groups. Students in Peoria elect representatives from their classes to the PMSC, the University Medical Student Council (UMSC), and to seven site committees. Other site committees recruit student membership through volunteerism or appointment by the PMSC. Selection of student representatives to college-level committees is handled by the UMSC.

The PMSC sponsors programs and activities of interest to students. Typical projects include speaker nights on a variety of topics, social and recreational events, blood drives, recycling programs, “Dialogue with the Dean,” Senior Week, USMLE prep advice, and more.

Students are urged to become involved in the COM by participating in leadership opportunities and communicating their concerns to their elected representatives.

Meeting Minutes

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