Student Parking

2020-2021 Academic Year:
M1-M4 Students – $35/year
The 2020-2021 rate will be NOT be prorated if parking is requested later in the year. Please see the Parking Registration Form for information regarding how to submit payment.

Annual Fees

M-1 & M-2 Students – $100
M-3 & M-4 Students – $40

Students must pay with cash or check at the time parking is requested. If parking is requested during the year, the fee will be prorated.

Gate Operation / Security

The parking lot entrance gate is controlled by your iCard. (Activation of parking may take 24 hours after payment.) Parking gates will be in controlled operation at all times.

The lots are under surveillance by cameras and security personnel, including on nights and weekends.

Parking Rules and Regulations

All parking lots are self-park at the College of Medicine Peoria. The College of Medicine Peoria is not responsible for loss of, loss from, or damage to vehicles parked on the College of Medicine Peoria property. You are responsible for abiding by parking in parking spaces and following the flow of traffic at reasonable speeds in all lots. Failure to do so may result in revocation of parking privileges.


Student Affairs
Jaymi Belcher
[email protected]