M-2 Grading

M-2 grades are recorded as Pass or Fail. Course grades are composed of the cumulative scores for each segment in that course. For example, if a course grade composition is 15% quiz and 85% exam, a “Pass” grade will be given if the cumulative score is above minimum pass level (MPL).

At the conclusion of each course, students who have performed at an acceptable level are provided with the grade they earned. A student who fails an M-2 course will be assigned a grade “F” and will only be permitted to take a retake exam in that course if that student has passed 67% of the M-2 curriculum. Retake exams will be administered at the end of the year during the regular retake period. Retake exams will consist of the segments of the failed course which were below the segment’s subscore MPL. A passing grade for the course after a segment retake exam is a score equal to or greater than the recalculated MPL for the course. The recalculated MPL is the cumulative MPL of the segments passed during the original administration and the MPL of the retake exam (the retake exam score and MPL replaces all components of that segment). If the student passes that retake exam, a grade of “P” will replace the “F” on the permanent M-2 transcript with a notation of the previous failed attempt.

The Human Disease I course is composed of an Epidemiology and Ethics exam, Epidemiology assignments, required History & Physical write-ups, and two OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Exams). Completion of History & Physical write-ups is required to participate in the OSCE’s. The two OSCEs must be above their individual MPLs in order to pass the Human Disease I Course regardless of the cumulative score in the course. Participation and completion of immersion (a clinical experience in the ambulatory or inpatient setting) activities is also required to pass HD 1. A score on the Epidemiology and Ethics exam that is less than the MPL will preclude a grade of outstanding in the Human Disease I Course.

TBL Grading Policy

When a TBL or variant of TBL Active Learning Session is utilized in the M-2 Curriculum, students will be evaluated as follows based on the students input during the M-2 Orientation:

  • Each TBL session will account for 2% of the student’s final grade in the segment up to a maximum of 15% of the segment grade.

    • 2 TBL sessions during a segment would constitute 4% of the final segment grade.
    • ≥8 TBL sessions would count as 15% of the final segment grade.
  • Each TBL session grade will be composed of the following:
    • IRAT 35%
    • GRAT 65%
    • Application Exercise 0%
  • Absences: Excused absences will be based on the M-2 Make-up Exam Policy. Acceptable reasons for absence are personal or family illness, death of an immediate family member, or other situations of comparable gravity. Documentation must be presented prior to final determination.
    • Students with excused absences will:
      • be allowed to take the IRAT immediately upon return
      • receive a zero for the GRAT and Application Exercise sessions.
      • Note: Multiple unexcused absences will be addressed by the individual small group and if necessary brought to the administration’s attention for further action.
    • Students with unexcused absences will:
      • Receive zero for their IRAT and zero for their GRAT.

During M-2 Orientation, students will decide on how the IRAT/GRAT and Application will be graded for the year. In addition, we will review the policy for excused and unexcused absences.