Exam Policy

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M-2 Exam Policy

Progressional examinations occur approximately every 4 weeks during the M-2 academic year. Their purpose is to sample student’s knowledge to determine that the student has the minimum knowledge-base to progress. The content mirrors the objectives for the course. The exams may contain content that was not covered in class but is available through the suggested resources.

The mean item pass level determines the pass level for the course.

The Examination Schedule will be sent to the student the week prior to the administration of the exam. There are multiple sessions for each set of examinations. No individual session will be longer than 2.5 hours.

Students are expected to arrive prior to the posted start of each session. Late arriving students will not be allowed to sit for that exam session. This may result in failure of the course.

Note: Session start times may be adjusted if unforeseen difficulties (such as loss of internet connectivity) occur. New session start times will be posted in the classroom prior to the end of each session.

An Appraisal Committee (faculty exam review committee) will meet within the week following the exam to review item performance data. Exam results will be distributed approximately one week following the post-test meeting to those students who have completed their course evaluations.