M-2 Students

The M-2 year is composed of six courses. Most courses have several segments. Early during the second year (M-2), students are introduced to the fundamentals of human disease and treatment during the courses in Pathology and Pharmacology. Later in the year, as each major body system is studied in turn, students use what they have learned in their basic science courses to begin to understand the clinical presentation, diagnosis and management of the major human diseases. Throughout the M-2 year, students are introduced to patient care while learning history-taking and physical examination.

At the end of the M-2 year, students take Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Passage of this examination is required for graduation with an M.D. degree and for licensure to practice medicine.

Required Courses

  • If 1-14 credit hours failed – eligible for retake exams.
  • If 15-26 credits hours failed – repeat curriculum, starting at the beginning of Phase 1 (if eligible)
  • If >26 hours failed – referral for dismissal