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Poster Templates


We offer more than 20 different PowerPoint templates for posters (see below). These are recommended as the most cost-efficient method of producing a poster.

DES graphic designer Mary Jean Dzurisin (671-8448, can provide design consult, formatting and review services for $32/hour. It is recommended that you have Mary Jean review your poster before printing, for current logos, optimum alignment and spacing, and to check images (photos, graphics) for adequate size/resolution for printing.


DES no longer provides in-house printing of posters. If DES provides services, or creates your poster, Mary Jean will supply the final file for your poster. You can have Mary Jean send it out for printing (the cost for a 3’x6’ poster is approximately $83 — $45 printing, $6 tube, $32 labor), or you can select the alternative vendor Make Signs. (Please note that your selection of an alternative vendor will require P-Card payment from your department or research mentor’s department.)

Make Signs offers:

  • Poster printing on glossy or matte paper, vinyl, tri-fold mounted, or wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Additional PowerPoint templates; or upload your own file
  • Same-day shipping for orders placed by noon (except weekends and holidays)
  • Payment process is with department P-Card


DES work on all projects will begin when Mary Jean receives an authorized DES requisition. Approval from your mentor is required.

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