resident research


Medical research opportunities for residents in radiology are very favorable at the University at Illinois College of Medicine Peoria.

While all areas are involved to some extent in research, the majority of the research is in the areas of Neuroradiology, Vascular/Interventional Radiology, and Breast Imaging.

The residents are required to initiate and complete at least one project in basic and/or clinical research.

resident research

Help in selection, design, and implementation of these projects is available from the faculty and members of the departmental research committee. The department has several faculty members on the editorial boards of prominent radiology journals who also support resident research projects.

Residents are encouraged to prepare the results of their projects for presentation at regional or national radiology conferences as well as for articles submitted for publication in refereed journals.

Each year $10,000 is available from the institution solely to fund resident research projects. Awards are made through the Graduate Medical Education Resident Research Sub-committee after evaluating all applications for merit.

The radiology residents have superb opportunities to become part of a new research project and see it through to publication and/or presentation. Approved resident presentations at a regional or national meeting will be fully funded by the department. Over the last 5 years, all graduating residents have presented at least one project at regional or national meetings.

The convenient and unique partnership of Jump Simulation with UICOMP and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center allows many opportunities to residents and faculty. A formal ultrasound simulation curriculum has been developed for the first year radiology residents on their initial ultrasound rotation. This uses a simulated patient manikin, ultrasound probe and teaching software to learn ultrasound anatomy and the basics of how to obtain appropriate and quality images. Twice a year, contrast reaction simulations are held at Jump for radiology residents, nurses and CT techs to run the simulation as a team. Further work is currently underway to utilize other resources and staff in the Jump facility for training curriculum. Opportunities include ultrasound-guided interventions and catheter-based vascular interventions on cadavers, other procedural trainers, Virtual Reality integration into training and research, and 3D printing. In addition, training for ACLS and ARLS at the simulation center is done using advanced simulation manikins in a team-based approach. New opportunities are constantly presenting themselves, and this is an exciting time for this partnership.

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