Application, Interview and Selection

Applicants are invited to learn about our programs via our website, email, or a phone call.

Persons interested in the general psychiatry program should complete an Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) application and enroll in the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). We abide by NRMP rules.

All applications are carefully reviewed. Qualified candidates will be offered an interview scheduled in the fall or winter. Applicants typically spend a full day meeting with current residents, the program director, chairperson, faculty and support staff. We’ll arrange and provide for breakfast and lunch and overnight accommodation as well as a local tour of our campus and community.

Factors considered in the selection process include: recent graduation from an accredited medical school, preparedness and aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills, motivation, integrity, recommendation letters, personal statement, and outside interests. English language proficiency is required. The interview is heavily weighed in the final ranking process.

Information about all UICOMP programs can be obtained from the Graduate Medical Education website. Our AAMC # is 10753980.

Contact Us

Jamie Hassall, Residency Coordinator
900 Main Street, Suite 720
Peoria, IL 61602