Educational Programs

Educational programs developed by the Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Center offer information on a variety of topics, including the following titles:

  • Mental Disorders: An Overview for the Legal System
  • Expert Witnesses: What Every Attorney Should Know
  • Medical Errors: Sources and Solutions
  • Surviving Deposition and Cross-Examination
  • Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment
  • The Right To Treatment and The Right To Refuse Treatment
  • Informed Consent and the Treatment of Psychosis
  • The Standard of Care in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
  • Malingering: Liars, Fools and Lying Fools
  • Criminal Responsibility: From Rex v. Arnold to the Model Penal Code
  • Closed Head Injury: Applications in the Legal Setting
  • Criminal Competencies
  • Competency to Confess and Miranda Rights
  • Legal Issues in Medicine
  • Medical Liability Risk Management (workshop)
  • Psychological Testing In Forensic Assessments
  • Stressed by the Practice of Law? Alcohol and Drug Implications
  • Involuntary Commitment
  • Worker’s Compensation: A Mental Illness Overview
  • Informed Consent and Capacity Assessment
  • Management of Dangerous Patients
  • Forensic Psychiatry Evaluation Quality Improvement
  • Sexually Deviant Behavior and the Brain
  • Maternal Infanticide

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