“I grew up in the Peoria area and had the opportunity complete my medical school training here at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. One of the most important factors in my decision to stay in Peoria to complete my residency training was the camaraderie between the residents and faculty. The faculty here genuinely cares about the residents not only as colleagues but also as people. The size of the program is small enough where you don’t feel like just a number in the crowd and the administration makes every effort to listen to its trainees in order to continually improve the program. When applying for residency I was unsure of what type of career in pediatrics I wanted to pursue. However I was confident that the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, a tertiary referral center with access to over 100 sub-specialist faculty, would provide me the breadth of experiences needed to help me make my decision.”

Colin Mowrer, MD, TL-3

Abdul Rahman

I chose this residency program for its teaching opportunities, wide catchment area, and diverse patient populations. I enjoy teaching and having a medical school with rotating students on each service as well as a curriculum dedicated to helping residents become adept teachers not only gives me plenty of opportunities to teach but also to review concepts thoroughly. Being a referral center for Central Illinois also allows us to see tons of pathology as residents and become comfortable managing complex patients in the outpatient setting. Having diverse patient populations also helps us as residents develop a sense of cultural humility and expand our knowledge as clinicians. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of residency!

Khaled F. Abdul Rahman, MD, TL-1


I chose to interview at UICOMP after hearing of the program’s reputation and receiving recommendations from pediatric residents and mentors. Upon interviewing, the culture of the entire hospital left me with an unforgettable impression. The vibrancy, enthusiasm, and familial collegiality displayed by residents and faculty alike cultivate an ideal learning environment. Caring mentors foster personal growth. As a resident, I have enjoyed the diverse patient population and broad medical pathology. More importantly, I have always felt supported along the way. New to Peoria, my wife and I love the family-friendly culture and many outdoor recreational activities. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to come to the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Trevor Washburn, MD, TL-1


I chose UICOMP because after I did an away rotation here and started interviews, no other program felt quite the same. Even though I knew I wanted to leave California for residency it was still a little nerve-wracking, but Peoria reminded me of home (I come from a smaller city with no traffic). The close-knit relationship among the Peds and Med/Peds residents was something I didn’t see at all my away rotations or interviews. They truly seemed like a family, in and out of the hospital. I remember the one day I saw an attending and resident share pictures of their kids and were genuinely excited about them. I realized that the family atmosphere comes from our faculty. They genuinely care about us as individuals and want us to enjoy work and live balanced lives.

Simrin Atwal, DO, TL-1

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