About Our Unit

The NICU at Children’s Hospital of Illinois is a 64 bed level IV unit that cares for approximately 750-800 infants per year. We work closely with our subspecialty colleagues to provide state of the art care to infants in our catchment area.

In addition to caring for both inborn infants from the Peoria area, we have a neonatal transport team that transports babies from around our 2.5 million person catchment area via ground and helicopter. In fact, we were the first unit ever to transport infants by helicopter!

St. Francis Medical Center is home to an active OB and MFM service with approximately 3000 deliveries per year. Our admissions include all infants less than 36 weeks and those needing increased support. Our newborn nursery is staffed by the newborn nursery attendings and our pediatric residents. Fellows are not expected to travel to any other units to provide care.

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