RSPP Curricular Overview

The Rural Student Physician Program community phase spans 24 weeks of the third year of medical school. It integrates the curriculum for pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, internal medicine, psychiatry, general surgery, and family medicine during the rural learning experience. The remaining 24 weeks are completed in Peoria with 4-week block rotations in pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, general surgery, neurology, and elective time.

Community-First Curriculum

Students begin in their assigned community in May. The OB/Gyn shelf exam is taken during the integrated clerkship. Then at the conclusion of this 24 week period, students sit for the Family Medicine shelf exam. Students then complete the 4-week block rotations in Peoria. Each shelf exam is taken at the conclusion of the respective 4-week block.

Community-Last Curriculum

Students begin with block rotation in Peoria in May. The shelf exam for psychiatry is taken at the conclusion of the 4-week block. Shelf exams for surgery, pediatrics, and OB/Gyn are scattered throughout the 24-week period. Students then sit for the Internal Medicine shelf exam and the Family Medicine exam the final week of the M3 year.


Phase 2

Peoria based rotations (20 weeks)

4 weeks Pediatrics
4 weeks Surgery
4 weeks Neurology
4 weeks Psychiatry
4 weeks Internal Medicine

Rural community based immersion (24 weeks)

Credited for:
2 weeks Pediatrics
4 weeks Surgery
6 weeks OB/Gyn
2 weeks Psychiatry
4 weeks Internal Medicine
6 weeks Family Medicine

44 weeks credit

Phase 2 Electives

4 weeks: all in Peoria or optional to schedule 2 of the weeks in rural community if available.

48 weeks total credit

Phase 3

FM Sub-I (rural option)


RSPP and traditional students have the option to preference for additional career exploration (elective time) during Phase 2.

Students in both EquIMED and RSPP use the elective time for the EquIMED experience. Therefore, they do not have elective time in the RSPP community.

All RSPP students may apply to extend their time in community for the FM Sub-I. Alternatively, the student may apply to return later in Phase 3 for the FM Sub-I in the community.

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