Family Medicine Service

While you are on the family medicine service (FMS) rotation, you care for select patients with a diverse range of problems that will prepare you for independent practice. We manage patients for our attendings, our fellow residents, and all of the patients that are admitted with no primary care physician. The service also follows patients from the time they leave the medical ICU to the general medical floors all the way down to our rehabilitation and skilled care units.

There are typically 15 patients on the service at a time. Four residents are scheduled to be on the service at a time where three of them are working during the day and one at night. There are two first-year residents on service at a time; one works during the day and the other is on as the night float cover.

The first-year resident has the primary responsibility for their patients. Attendings do not write orders; you do. As a third-year resident, you make daily rounds with the first-year resident and are responsible for running the service. One of the family medicine attending physicians makes daily bedside teaching rounds, and is also present for either the daily morning report on new patients admitted the night before or for the sign out to the night team.

Behavioral medicine faculty and clinical pharmacology faculty also participate in teaching rounds by being part of the team as we round daily.

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