First Year

Family Medicine Orientation4 weeks
Obstetrics8-12 weeks
General Surgery4 weeks
Family Medicine Service8-12 weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics (OSF Saint Francis)4 weeks
Neonatology (NICU)/Night Float4 weeks
Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)4 weeks
Family Medical Center4 weeks
Outpatient Pediatrics4 weeks
Emergency Medicine4 weeks
Family Medical Center1-2 half day/week

Second Year

Emergency Medicine4 weeks
Inpatient Psychiatry/Behavioral Medicine4 weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics (Methodist)8 weeks
Family Medicine Service8 weeks
Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine8 weeks
Otolaryngology/Ophthalmology4 weeks
Geriatrics4 weeks
Family Medical Center4 weeks
Gynecology4 weeks
Elective4 weeks
Cardiology4 weeks
Family Medical Center3 half days/week

Third Year

Family Medicine Service8 weeks
Management of Health Systems (MOHS)4 weeks
Pediatrics Subspecialty Elective4 weeks
Dermatology4 weeks
Urology/General Surgery4 weeks
Community Medicine/Occupational Health4 weeks
Family Medical Center4 weeks
Pediatric Emergency Medicine2 weeks
Electives18 weeks
Family Medical Center4 half days/week


Rotation Descriptions

AIAMC National Initiative V Meeting – April 2016, Tuscon, AZ

  1. Baker J and Owchar E: (Poster Presentation) “The Influence of Comprehensive Care coordination on Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions and special Health Care Needs in a Community Pediatric Residency Program Continuity Clinic”